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When the Creators fashioned us from the beings of the cosmos, they did not wish us to weigh too heavily on our direct lineages. Their imparted wisdom lifted from us much of our baser instincts, and as one their own religious doctrine states, 'In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion.' Though we must still turn to those of the same general descent to create young, our society is divided amongst ability and inclination. We call theses the Clans. Those who belong to the Clans are considered to be of its Folk.

All beings strive to be a member of a clan, and most achieve this on their maturation day. A test of aptitude is given, determining the youth's leanings and disposition, and a clan is assigned. Only in exceptional situation, for instance the children of outlaws, is the test not administered. Those without a seal of a clan are to be rightfully distrusted. It is not impossible for an adult to take the test of aptitude, but more difficult, the older they are. The test is decided at new year by the elders of the clans, and they favor the young and vigorous. Most apostates will turn to the Creators Church for assistance and for the actual administering of the test; however, unlike the young, who are allowed a battery of tests to see where they fit in, an adult is only allowed to test for one clan of their choosing, as they are older and more set in their ways. If they can qualify for a clan, then they are as welcome as any other. Failing to qualify for any, however, is disaster, as most adults are not permitted another try. Some few have gone on to perform great acts to prove their worthiness, others crumble under the burden and stigma.




The adaptable clan is the least demanding of the clans. They emphasize being flexible and adaptable to changing situations. Due to their jack of all trades nature, they do not have many demands of their members. They are also of lesser strength in most politics. Their members are prone to switching professions often in life, becoming moderately proficient in many things rather than master of any single art.



The clever clan attracts many of those whose lineage includes raccoons, owls, and simians. Clever folk apply everything they do with that extra bit of attention, at a price of being a little slapdash about it. Inventors and engineers, scholars of obscure topics, and those who approach traditional problems with non traditional methods. It was a clever Folk that created the first soul gem. Paul Twotail, who only had one tail, went down in history for its discovery, and followed it with the proper carving technique to create the chakra crystals now used by the soulless.



The graceful clan draws the majority of those who descended from felines and canines. Their motions are like music for the eyes, and they excel in professions that allow them to make use of their light steps. Messengers, scouts, performers and bards. The Graceful are welcome in any town across Promise. They have formed a guild that services largely for their own clan, the Bard's Guild. The guild serves as their collective political mouth, and is a safe haven in many larger cities for traveling graceful to eat and rest between jobs.


Growing Seal large.png

The growing clan is one of two clans that comes the closest to being racially required. It takes a certain mentality to get along with them. They hail from the stock of salamanders and plants and other things that were adept at regeneration even before the Creators blessed them. They are patient and enduring, capable of suffering hardship stoically with the knowledge that they will recover from it. They can be found doing dangerous work, including exploring, guarding and police work. Growing Folk enlisted in the army are usually the last standing, alongside the Shelled Folk. They are quick to forgive slights, but slow to forget betrayals.


Large Folk Seal.png

Drawing the majority of those whose ancestors were already large and stout, the heavy Clan is a clan of the strong. They take direct, decisive, action in all walks of life, be it smithing, soldiering, or even management. They are, as a whole, more willing to wait until good action can be made, rather than to charge foolishly ahead.


Shelled Folk Seal.png

Although much of the shelled Clan draws its members from those who have actual shells, those with the right attitude and resilience are welcomed amongst them. Shelled are stubborn to a fault, and will press ever forward against all opposition. They are blessed with a toughness that turns aside much of the slings and arrows of fate, sometimes literally. The Guild of Guards, a bodyguard organization, is headed by and serves a good portion of the shelled.



Little people feel an almost instinctual need to band together. Such is the way of the small Clan. Small Folk are always short of stature, usually hailing from lines that were typically small to begin with, including mice, rats, rabbits, squirrels, insects and birds. What they lack in stature is made up for in a bright spirit and an astoundingly strong sense of community. If your house were to catch fire, you can be sure a Small Folk would be the first on scene with a bucket in hand to help, with a graceful not far behind, asking what happened. Valued members of society, the Small Folk are welcome in most guilds.



Mariners and those naturally inclined to swim flock to this Clan. Otters, seals, sharks, dolphins, fish, and all manner of else are at home here, even if their vocation takes them away from the water's edge. They all feel a kindred to water magics and most can make water dance and play around their fingers with a little effort, and much more with formal training. The Maritime Guild is serves and largely composed of those of the water Clan.


Not truly a Clan at all, but the catchall for those who are not in a clan. Though the Creators Church suggests kindness be offered to any, most hesitate to deal with them at all, for fear of their motives.