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The fair is easy to find being within sight of the cities gates and the sounds of music and laughter coming from its direction. There is a steady flow of people moving to and from the fair, some looking amuse some not so much and others looking quite ill while still clutching half finished toffee coated apples. As you approach the fair all around the residents move, finishing the task of setting up their fair while others in brightly coloured costumes of all shapes and sizes do their best to entertain. Juggling cats, dancing bears and canine clowns. Even a fire eating fox brings a gasp to a gathering crowd of children and adults alike. Alongside the road several of the carnival workers move around to greet the newcomers and bid fair-well to those departing.

There's a benefit to being an amateur slayer of animals and doer of mundane tasks. You have extra coin to buy fire roasted and salted rat! Olan has a stick of rat in one hand and a toffee coated apple in the other. Who ever knew that killing things would help him fulfill childhood dreams!

Tarvek makes his way towards the fair, dressed less like a warrior than usual, though still with his sword strapped to his back. The Auroch looks at the festivities, nodding appreciatively to the entertainers as he is among the crowds coming to the fairground.

Bite slithers towards the fair, hearing the excitement and wishing to get out and about. She is not wearing her normal clothing, wearing a far looser garment overtop of a few bandages on her shoulder, arm, and tail. Her movement seems perfectly normal as she approaches a juggling cat, hoping to see them with knifes.

A greeting badger skips up to Tarvek with both arms thrown wide as if to hug the massive bull. He gives a loud cry of "Hello and welcome to our Carnival of Wonders" as an arm drops to sweep back, gesturing out toward the assembly of tents and booths. "No charge for admission though we ask your indulgence on this our first night as we are far from finish. Too make it up to you half off on all tests of skill!" Another greet, a very short mouse hurries forward excitedly toward Bite a broad smile on her lips that fades quickly as she nears the large reptile, her pace slowing and coming to a stop. With a sheepish grin she clasped her hands to her belly and gave the large reptile a nod before stammering "welcome... M..Ma'am?"

Tarvek grins. "And the food and drink is still full-price. Well then...let us see these tests of skill, yes?" He nods to the badger, then, chuckling softly. "And surely you have wares for sale that merchants would not normally have, yes?"

Bite smirks and looks down to the small reptile. "Hey there sssweetie, can you direct me to the knife, fire, and feats of strength? Oh and maybe the sssweets, and meats?" she says with a smile, making her wishes well known as she watches the timid mouse intently.

Olan peers, moving closer with his rat on a stick towards the badger, chewing off a piece of flank. Every square liver knows that tests of skill are totally rigged. But they wouldn't tell someone /else/ that. They just don't partake in those sorts of things.

a Mostly cheerful atmosphere is persistent through the field the carnival occupied though here and there there were the usual sighs of those that had indulged in the revelries a bit to heavily, staggering about and clutching bellies.

A man carrying a tray of chocolate delights shuffled up behind Olan raising the selection of treats for his inspection "I see you enjoy our treats good sir! Would you care to buy a few more. I'd let you have ten for a crown just to have them gone before they melt"

The badger that greeted Tarvek chuckled and gave the bull a win "We have to make our living good Sir, but the games of skill are at the carnivals heart where you can show off your strength and cunning to all around you!"

The mouse that bite addressed had largely lost her cheer and simply stood almost petrified in front of the serpent. Still she managed to part her hands log enough to point deeper into maze of tends as she spoke in a muted whisper "Games of skill are that way"

Bite shakes her head. "I mean I want to see a show sssweetie, there are no heavy lifters, fire breathers, fire dancers or knife tossers? I guess i'll go and check the games out then." she hisses in a way to display her dissapointment, tilting her head and smiling at the mouse before leaving towards the direction pointed.

Olan considers only briefly. He bites down on his rat on a stick, pulling out his money purse. The chocolates go into his hat. Surely this won't end poorly.

The mouse looked more than relieved when Bite moved on, her shoulders sagging and smile returning before she rushed to meet another approaching figure. In truth the entertainers were easy to find and hard to miss. They moved about the crowds performing freely while others moved with them carrying bowls to accept tips and tokens of appreciation for the feats of display.

The trader was more than happy to unload as much of the chocolate he offered to Olan as he could manage even throwing in a few extra pieces before hurrying on to other prospects to try and tempt them.

Tarvek snorts a bit, "They're all getting things set up, still. Probably a last rest after a long day's travel., he says, grinning to Bite. "And that reminds me...have you seen any Shadow beasts about? Heard anything about them in your journeys?"

The badger shakes his head to Tarvek before turning to another new arrival greeting them cheerfully and informing them of the fun that awaited within

Bite smiles and waves to Tarvek, idly watching the performers. She smiles and sways, a wide grin crossing her face as she watches feats most amazing. She drops a few crowns into a collectors bowl and proceeds to the games of skill, continuing to idly watch as she sees entertainment.

Tarvek watches as well, then chuckles. "They're very good," he says, before giving a few coins as well. "What is the big event tonight," he asks one of the staff members. "And where are the games of skill?"

The center of the carnival was almost a maze, having filled most of the field. All around were stalls offering games or trinkets to buy. There were also a few rides to be had, a crowd having gathered around a barrel mounted in a complicated harness. It seemed for a crown one could get a turn within as it was spun about dizzyingly fast resulting in those that stepped from within the contraption becoming the entertainment for the other onlookers as they staggered and stumbled about struggling to regain balance in a world that seemed to spin about them. Those questioned by Tarvek only gestured toward the many booths scattered all around the closest being occupied by a dark scaled lizard who leaned out of his both, waving his arms to beckon any who dared to approach and try his game of skill and chance which seemed to be a simple throwing game. A shaggy and elder looking woman of indeterminate species hobbled around near bye offering to read palms and tell fortunes while another walking giant of a man with muscles bulging from beneath far too tight clothing wielded a huge wooden mallet, his bellowing voice drowning out all others as he demanded any come forward who thought they could best his test of strength.

Bite giggles and slithers towards the strongman first, winking at the lizard as she passes. "Hey there." she giggles and looks to his mallet. "Care to show me how it's done sssweetie?" she hisses and tilts her head with a smile. This will let her see how it's done if he accepts, she will be sure to watch for any offbeat movements that might indicate trickery.

Tarvek mmms. A game of strength and skill. He takes the ball and aims, not at the center, but at the lower left, simply to see what happens. Trying and testing.

The reptile chuckled as he offered up a few balls for Tarvek to try his hand with. Large, soft and light in the hand the balls were hard to aim, the objective of the game being to sink them into one of several jars that had been set out with a range of different sized openings in their tops. The largest were at the front and back, while the smallest in the middle were worth prizes. The reptile was more than happy to offer up three balls for the bull to try his hand with.

The strong man hefts the mallet up over bites head, grasping its long handle with both hands as he chuckled down at her while tensing his muscles which made the tight leather of his clothing groan beneath the strain as he spoke "Looks a little heavy for you doesn't it?" with that the massive man stepped side and gestured to a pole set in the ground in the middle of the pathway. It had been surrounded by planks giving people a level and firm surface to stand on while a large metallic plate was raised just at its foot, connected to a long rail that ran up the length of the pole to a bell at it's peak. At the bottom of the rail just behind the metal plate was a shuttle of some sort ready to be propelled skyward with a stroke of the mallet. "Ring the bell and win double your money back, I'll give you a few free swings to get the hang of it"

the bulls shots go astray, the balls he threw seeming determined to curve in the air and travel in every direction but that in which they were thrown, one of them sailing clean over all the jars and vanishing at the back of the tent while another bounces across their tops before falling at the booth mastered feet and the third being the only one to fall into a jar, rolled down to the front most row, teetering precariously on the edge before dropping through a hold. The reptile chuckled softly and looked to the bull with a scaly grin that was fixed upon his lips "You got one in! Not worth a prize though. Care for another three tries? Only ten crowns?"

meanwhile in the background a cheer goes up from the gathered crowd as the sound of a bell rings out clearly. The shuttle having shot up the rail to strike its target before dropping back into place. The strong man looks genuinely impressed as he looks down upon the snake. though that didn't last as with a grin he looked about to the gathered people "See how simple it is? anyone can win with a bit of luck so step right up and double your money!"

the Reptile in the booth comes across as nothing but irritatingly smug about Torvek's failure.

Tarvek had expected the failure, but the smugness...his smile grows a bit tight, and he turns away from the booth, starting to stalk, heavily, twards the fair entrance, a bit of a stormy expression on his face.

Bite squrims in place and smiles at the strong man, looking a back to the crowd and smirking. "That was really fun." she giggles and hands the mallet back to him. She looks slithers off with a sway and heads to see what Tarvek is doing, watching the lizard's interactions with the bull.

As Torvek walked away a tall and slender man in a heavy cloak slipped hurriedly from within a nearby group of people. Stumbling blindly and crashing into the angry bull, he doesn't stop only giving a muttered apology as he pushes away again to hurry on down one of the many pathways leading through the carnival. From behind and with a better view Bite spots the light fingers of the cloaked figure grasping the grumpy bull's purse, a brief flash of steel severing the cords that held it in place before it was gone with the fleeing figure

Bite frowns and taps the bull, calling back "He stole your crowns sssweetie." as she hurries after him, keeping him in sight and prepping an explosive spell, ready to shower it slightly ahead of them in open air, of course at a safe distance this isn't a place to harm people.

Tarvek blinks, "What? Who?" He looks around, then lets out a bellow and starts to charge after Bite. Lowing long and deep, an insult too many to be borne.

The cloaked figure turns quickly down another path, vanishing from sight behind some tents as they headed back deeper into the carnival leaving a number of startled people behind, several of whom cursed and swore as they checked their belts and pockets only to release they were now quite a bit lighter.

Bite continues at a brisk pace, turning and setting off an explosion in the open air. She pushes through the startled crowd, looking around and locating to the best of her ability the culprit.

Tarvek bellows again, snorting and focusing on the cloaked, running figure, and running as fast as he can. Given his size, he can go faster than most, but cornering? Not so much.

The cloaked figure left a trail of people behind him, many crying out "thief" behind him though as a blast goes off in the air above those calls are drowned out as far more people are concerned with the explosion than the escaping man. He ducks and weaves around people leaping between a pair of stalls while many onlookers leap out of the path of the enraged Tarvek following close behind.

Both Bite and Tarvek realize as the figure slips between the tents that they are heading back toward a path through the center of the carnival that could bring them straight to the front gate or right to the back of the carnival.

Tarvek snorts, and yells to Bite, "Head him off!" even as he folows hard on the thief's trail, hoofmarks scoring the ground deeply.

Bite hisses and points towards one of the exits, briskly making her way to the other. They need to stop his escape, he'll make off with all these people's money. Of course when they catch him they will have no way of identifying peoples pouches.

Bite hisses and briskly making her way to cut them off. They need to stop his escape, he'll make off with all these people's money. Of course when they catch him they will have no way of identifying peoples pouches.

Many of those nearby people have started to flee the area heading in all directions. This makes cutting through the crowd more difficult, but thankfully there aren't that many people in the carnival yet to turn it into a true panicked mod. Those still manning booths aren't running but looking perplexed and fearful while checking the sky for sighs of more explosions.

Torvek reached the narrow gap and followed the thief through the narrow space between the tents passing a startled weasel carnival worker with a mallet in hand and a bag of wooden pegs slung over his shoulder lurking between the two rows of stalls while a the dark cloak of the thief can be seen vanishing to the right. It seemed the bull had gained quite a bit of ground on the pick pocket.

Bite began to hurry back toward the central path through the fair, the movement of the people making her path quite a bit easier as for some reason an unexpected detonation mid air seemed to make the majority of people want to get out of the area.

Tarvek smiles, charging still, grinning, grabbing hold of a rope to help him change direction, turning right and galloping after the thief. His snorts are louder, hotter, trying to catch him, or at least make him blunder...

Bite slithers towards the exit she will need to block off, watching everyone who passes by and holding a flames of the creators at ready. She also keeps her hand on her dagger, ready to lash out, but smiling sweetly at people to ensure they are not too fearful of her.

it seemed the chase was all four naught as Tarvek burst from between the canvas booths, half collapsing one as its support line snapped under the strain of a massive bull swinging out of it and Bite rounded the corner again coming back to the main path both pursuers were both faced with the sight of the massive, hulking form of the strong man towering over everyone hauling the cloaked thief bodily off the ground with a single hand before bringing the unfortunate wrongdoer crashing back down. The thief's legs buckled beneath him causing him to crumple into a breathless heap, at least half a dozen purses tumbled from upon his person before the strong man plucked him up by the collar, holding the limp figure mid air and giving him another shake to be sure all the stolen goods had been loosed.

Tarvek snorts roundly and stands up, brushing himself off and stalking towards the strong man and the thief. "Well now. I certainly hope this is one of the fairgoers, yes?" He looks at the strongman questioningly. "How many purses did he get?"

Bite smiles at the strong mans feat, smirking at the thieves treatment. She giggles and slithers up to the man and inspects the thief, looking to Tarvek. "Did you git it back sssweetie?" she hisses, turning her glance to admire the strong man's actions. "That was wonderful."

The strongman is busy padding down the thief double checking that they have extracted every one of the purses after pulling back the hood to reveal an otter that looked quite exhausted and none to happy to be caught, though another carnival entertainer in a cheerful dragon mask answered Torvek's question "Oh this guy keeps slipping back in here. The city guards wont take him since were outside the city limits they also wont have anything to do with us" he chuckled, shaking his head and giving his shoulders a shrug "best we can do is catch him and return what he stole and toss him back out".

Torvek's purses is one of the many laying on the ground along with what seems like all the others coming to a grand total of eight that the single thief had made off with. Seeing the familiar snake approaching the muscular mane gave her a broad and cheerful smile and another leather straining flex of his arms as he spoke in his booming voice "I'm taking him to the cages. He can spend the night with the animals since he likes it here so much" before turning toward the back of the carnival and moving off with long purposeful strides

Tarvek smiles a bit. "I might be able to cause a bit more...justice, this time." He snorts and looks to the strongman, "Please, keep my purse and give it to the people who's tent I knocked down, for the inconvenience. For my part...I wuld like custody of our errant theif. Please."

Bite tilts her head. "Has he ever made off with anything?" she hisses, looking him over. "He seems to know what he's doing in some ways." she adds, looking over his haul. That is a lot of robberys for such a short time, if he'd gotten away he'd have made a nice bit of crowns.

The strongman turns his head to look down on the bull starring at him for a moment before giving a chuckle. "No. No. I don't think so. We don't want that kind of trouble here. The guards may not want to help us but they wont hesitate to make things tough. This chumps going to spend the night in the monkey cage. It hasn't been cleaned in almost a week"

The dragon masked man had begun gathering up the purses looking them over carefully each in turn before hurrying up behind Tarvek "Which one is yours? He said while giving the bull a tap on the shoulder trying to get his attention while glancing over at bite, the perpetually smiling face of the dragon muffling his voice somewhere as he spoke "Snatch and run is all he does. So far we've got everyone's belongings back to them, and this is no exception." looking back to Tarvek "take your purse! We wouldn't dream of keeping it from you. Please, Just enjoy the rest of your time here!"

Bite giggles and hands Tarvek his purse, recognizing it. "You've been very hospitable, i'm going to enjoy the rest of the fair. Thank you so much sssweetie for helping my friend."

the masked man smiled, not that anyone would notice the difference. Tucking all the purses up against his chest held in place with one arm, he throw his other over bites shoulder while calling out to Tarvek "Come! You two can help me get the rest of these back to their rightful owners and figure out what dame fool tried to blow up the sky"