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"Been a lot of things, aye, even before I joined up with th'Freeswords. Since I started? Whew. Got more stories and become more than I ever thought I would. Rangers and spirits and... Well. Pull up a stool and I'll tell you a few stories afore I head back out into th'field."

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Nobles were a lot harder for Bao to understand before he became one. He's got a much better sense of how many flavors they come in. The fact that so much of their business revolves around the city has left him a little cold, if only because he has less and less patience for it.

Bao has never been anything other than Soulless, so he doesn't have any particular aversion to the idea. "More willing to take risks, t'do what's got t'be done."

The sea lion has fought Cliffsiders before, but doesn't bear them any particular ill will. He's more likely to swap war stories with them than to pick a fight.

One of Bao's blind spots remains officers. He technically is one now, and has the makings of a solid leader, but he retains an enlisted man's distrust of officers' motivations and competence.

Bao might go a little harder after any apostates who cross him, but won't go out of his way to harass them if they're not making trouble.

The ranger does not understand the particulars of shadows, and like many who have put their lives on the line fighting them, he finds it challenging to think of them as anything like "proper beings."

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RP Hooks
Royal Rangers- Bao is an auxiliary captain of the Royal Rangers, an assignment that frees him from regular duties but requires that he help lead rangers and freeswords working on their behalf wherever in Promise they may be.

House Solacious- As a Knight of House Solacious, Bao can also be drawn in to plots involving the militaristic vulpines. He's not entirely comfortable with his newfound quasi-nobility, but works hard not to disappoint his sponsor.

Sailing the Seas- Bao served in Sweetwater's Navy, and after that he served as a merchant marine for two years. He loves the ocean and will talk your ear off about the virtues of being at sea. (No matter how much faster airships are.)

Spirits- Bao still doesn't get them, though he's met several and has dedicated himself to Ser'ther. He's a pragmatic being, and the metaphysical questions the spirit courts provoke discomfit him.

Claimed by Many, Owned by None— Bao's loyalties and obligations can make his life complicated. None of his affiliations demand his total allegiance, nor do any offer him unqualified support. While the Royal Rangers' goals and Ser'ther's align more than most, they're not always in perfect harmony when it comes to settling the land. Bao owes his knighthood to House Solacious, and should the House require him to act against the interests of nature, he will be between a fox and a wild place.

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Full Name: Bao, Knight of Solacious

Clan: Water

Species: Sea Lion

Date of Birth: 2 February 454

Age: 24

Height: 2.04 m

Build: Broad-shouldered and muscular, with long arms and substantial hands and feet.

House: Solacious (Knight)

Dedicant of Ser'ther

Captain-Auxiliary of the Royal Rangers

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Habitual Souls
Captain (priest/winter witch)--Bao rallies his comrades and commands a suspiciously serpentine water elemental he calls 'First Mate.'

Brawling Bulwark (crusader/street fighter)--Bao stands at the forefront in battle, mixing the formal training of a Solacious knight with the flexibility and dirty tricks he picked up in Promise's ports.

Bao otherwise sports some combination of martial classes; he has learned more than the rudiments of Water and Air Magic, but much prefers to have a blade or bow in his hands.

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