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The weather is rather clear today, a perfect dayy for the beach with the temperatures a plesant warm. On the sand, sits a lone serpent, smiling and waiting for all those who would reply to her invite, giggling as she plots to herself.

Angus had heard that something was going on down at the beach, so he just hadddddddddd to come and see what is happening! Thankfully today wasn't one of his court days, so instead of wearing those stuffy, flashy looking outfits that most nobles had to wear he was just wearing swimming trunks as he walks down the beach towards Bite, giving her a wave. "Hello there Bite! What are you up to?"

A dense mane, some heavy armor, and a large tower shield upon one's back during a hot turn of sunny weather makes for one steaming lion. And that coat Dio's always wearing certainly isn't helping his temperature situation very much either! But still, he does his best to jog towards the detination, panting all the while with each and every step. Once he finally makes it to Bite, the sizziling feline flops down upon the hot sand to catch his breath. "I... I made i- Yow!" Perhaps /lion/ on sunbaked sand isnt' the best idea, and he figured that out quite quickly by jolting himself back upon his feet.

Flora moves into the area, riding her midnight-black golem, Bastet around, before she looks towards Bite. "Flora is going to ask right away. Are we digging up more dead beings? If so, Flora will be going right now, yes," she mumbles, her tails twitching lightly. "Flora has enough things to deal with right now, yes."

Sven swaggers along the shore, kicking idly at the surf that seems to swirl around his feet like an excited animal. Catching sight of the gathering down the beach, he waves a burly arm. "Greetings, Friends!" the hefty puma calls, stretching and yawning in the warm sunlight to show off his burly muscles. "Why does pretty Bite call Sven to the beach?"

Cassidy shuffles across the beach, dressed up in a light, breezy blue dress. It's great for the weather, and the colour goes nicely with her dark fur. A little wave is given towards her cousin, accompanies with a smile as she glances around, seeing who else is present. "Is... Is this just a beach trip? No horrible sea mosnters or anything? No getting attacked by water elementals, or having a friend cut and tossed overboard?"

Cedric, of course, is following to the side of Sven. As though that's news to anyone at this point. The badger looks fairly happy to be out in the sun, on the beach... though he can't help but feel with Bite involved there's some sort of catch. He shares feelings similar to those Cassidy has just voiced, and chuckles to himself. Perhaps the taipan will have them dive for treasure. Still, even that would be a little bit of fun. He waves to the others from his cpatain's side and offers a friendly, "Good afternoon!"

Valor had heard something was happening, but not exactly what. Either way, he came to the beach in his usual working attire, approaching the group gathering on the beach rather silently and just waiting to be noticed rather than explicitly announce himself. It wasnt hard to notice his approach as the large horse was ANYTHING but stealthy, his heavy hoof-falls quite audible.

Bite giggles and waves to all the arrivals, smiling and shaking her head to Flora. "No, and you never dug up a body ss.. Miss Flora, that was a mistake and I'm sorry. No! I've invited you all to take part in a game, answer or do, here on the beach with me. You pick someone and they choose to answer or do something, all in good fun and if they have to do one or the other regardless of their choices! THis isn't for some sick kicks or vengeful thoughts or trials, and nothing obscene or threatening to someones life or it will be null okay? Who wants to play?" she hisses with a wide smile, swaying in place as she looks to all those present.

Angus gives a wave, his smile growing as he sees everyone appear. "Oh? Well this will be an intresting game." Moving close to Bite before taking a seat on the sand, actually enjoying how warm it is as he smiles. "I guess I could.....try? Maybe." He comments, not really a yes or a no yet.

Flora mumbles. "Fine. Flora will join, yes. BUT. If anyone tells anyone else to touch Flora, or tells people to make Flora wet, Flora will send Bastet after them, yes," she mutters.

Sven laughs loudly! A deep, belly laugh! "Da! Is most excellent game!" he roars, "Sven will play!" The hefty cougar flops down onto the warm sand next to Angus. "Is sounds like great fun!" he rumbles.

Dio's tower shield comes crashing into the golden sand, much to Dio's relief after he releases it from his back. Still quite exhausted from whatever it was he was doing, the lion also shrugs off his coat and lays it over the fallen shield. "Quite a game there, lass," he comments, bending his knees and soon laying down upon his newly made make-shift bed. "Although there ain't too much to know 'bout me. Still, I'll giver 'er a go if ya don't mind." With his eyes closed, the feline rests his hands upon his chest for some nice relaxation on the beach.

Cassidy scratches her cheek for a moment and nods. "I'll play. As long as I don't have to do anything with the too-serious tiger over there," she says with a little huff. "But I suppose a game would be fine. Haven't done anything like that in a while."

Cedric sits down next to Sven, getting settled in the nice warm sand on the beach and nods to Bite and the others. It sounds like a potentially dangerous or embarassing game to him, but if everyone else was playing then... "Alright, sounds like it could be pretty entertaining." he agrees, folding his legs atop each other.

Valor shrugs and sits down heavily. "Why not? A game would be a welcome change from the ordinary." He sets his bag behind him and smiles warmly, nodding to Sven and the others. Whatever he was getting himself into.... He didnt really care. All that mattered was having a little fun.

Bite smiles and grins. "Great! THen let's get started! I'll show you all how to do it then the person I choose will do the same with a person they pick and so on!" she hisses and then looks the group over. She points to Valor. "So sssweetie, answer or do?"

Valor flattens his ears and then shrugs. "Why not. Answer." He replies, sitting up and perking his ears forward to listen for the question. The serpent smiles and hisses "Who was your first crush sssweetie?" she asks with a giggle. She picks up a little sand and twists it in her hand before putting it down.

Sven grins at the question looking forward to the answer, reaching over to lay a meaty paw over Cedric's hand in the sand almost by accident.

A mumble, a twitch of Flora's tails. "Flora isn't 'too serious, no'... Flora would rather not get upset and do things she'll regret. Flora does not like being touched and does not like water," she mumbles, eyes flashing pure black for just a moment. Apparently, even thinking about it seems to make her upset enough to... Venture into dark magic or something? Not that she has any spells on hand, the worst she'd be able to do is a shaded hex level spell.

Cedric moves his hand closer to the Puma's, looking away a little shyly and grinning at the question as well.

Angus snerks a little as he sits back and trys hard not to laugh at the question, tails flicking a little as he watches. "You're the one that decided to answer a question."

Valor scratches the back of his neck, looking around nervously. "Honestly..... it would have had to be my adopted sister. But its not a lustful, wanting kind of crush. More of a protective sort. Brotherly love, if you will."

Cassidy settles herself in the sand next to Angus, ears twitching around. At least the heat didn't bother her! She was built for this kind of thing, practically. "Hmm... I'll have to come up with some questions or something... I'm usually not good at this kind of thing!"

Bite giggles and smirks. "Well she sounds like a lucky sister if you love her that much. Adopted shouldn't have anything to do with it, shes family." she hisses and listens for a while then pokes Dio. "You're turn!"

"Huh? Who? What?" Dio actually managed to slip into the lovely land of sleep while everyone was talking around him. Hearing Bite exclamation, the lion riases himself upwards and rubs his eyes. "Oh? Well let's see 'ere..." A large fuzzy hand rubs gracefully upon his golden chin while he thinks the choice over. "Fox-kit!" He bolsters, pointing towards Angus. "Ask o' do."

Cedric's ears perk as much as they can for short rounded badger ears as he looks over to Angus with a grin. This should interesting no matter which the fox picks.

Angus blinks as he is called out, and he clears his throat as he looks to Dio. "Errrr, ummmmmmm Ask I guess?" He answers, wondering what Dio was up to as he looks around at those around him.

Cassidy looks towards Angus, grinning. "Oh boy. I wonder what I get to learn about my cousin today," she says, mischief dancing in her eyes.

Tap, tap, tap... Dio's claws tap against the edge of his tower shield while he thinks about just what he should ask. After all, when might he get another chance such as this? The lion racks his brain over recent events and curious thoughts before giving his shield one last clank. "Ya know, I've seen ya 'round some other fox as o' late. Kalt I believe, o' somethin' like that. We've been on a few missions together an' everything. But I can't 'elp but wonder just 'ow close ya two are..." After a brief pause, the lion leans in and raises his right eyebrow. "So 'ow 'bout it, fox-kit? Do ya think she's the on' an' only fer ya?"

Sven grins broadly. It was like being a teenager in Hilrock again, everyone prying into each other's love lives and private business. An excellent game!

Valor smiles and chuckles. At least his wasnt the WORST question. He crosses his legs and looks to Angus expectantly.

Flora raises a brow and looks between Angus and Dio, before simply, silently leaning backwards... If these were the kind of questions /she/ was going to get, well... Probably better to silently slink away.

Angus breaths a sigh of relief as it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, chuckling. "You want to know if Kalt is the one eh? To be honest, I don't know how to answer that question really." He shugs his shoulders and smiles a bit, looking over the rest of the group. "So far she might be, but you never know."

After Answer the fox nods, and points at Sven. "Now it's your turn, ask or do?"

Bite giggles profusely and smirks when Angus confesses his not quite sure love for Kalt. Hardly a fitting answer but she can't complain! This was getting to be a lot of fun. The serpent turns her head to Sven and flicks the sand with her tail.

Cassidy showed strangely less interesting in that question, glancing away and towards the waterline, ears twitching in soft annoyance. "Ah, we ask in order? I thought the one that got asked did the next asking! I get it, now."

Sven leaps up from the sand with a cheer. "Sven will do!" he crows, "Sven is afraid of nothing puny fox can think of!" The big puma is excited to see what Angus comes up with.

The badger at Sven's side looks slightly nervous as the puma stands up and states his intent to 'do something'. Unfortunately, Cedric can find nothing convenient to hide behind.

Dio listens in closely to Angus' answer and lets out a soft chuckle. "Not a bad answer there, fox-kit." After another smirk, the lion deposits himself back upon his tower shield and coat bed. "I'll wish ya luck to whatever relationship ya got goin' on then." Eyes closing shut, it seems Dio's ready for another nap!

Flora silently peers, her ears flicking, her tails resting in her lap, as she keeps looking between people, tails and fur puffed up just lightly as she looks at Angus, then Sven, then Dio. Everyone else gets a quick glance as well, her tailtips flicking lightly.

Angus squints at Sven, tapping his chin as he smirks. "Sven must....Dance, with Cedric. A proper dance from your country?" He asks as hs smirks at him.

Sven's grin grows exponentially as he reaches down and heaves Cedric up from the ground. "Is excellent do!" he says as he pulls Cedric to his feet. "Sven will show you beautiful dance from Thera'Dor," he says, "Stripeyface must stand here and be pretty farm girl, da?" After positioning Cedric where he wants him, the hefty puma starts to walk a slow circle around the badger, clapping a slow, steady beat in time with his steps, encouraging the others to join in. With or without their clapping, the puma launches into the next part of his dance, quickly lifting the lithe badger to his shoulder and starting to spin in a tight circle, lifting and tossing Cedric as if he weighed no more than a doll. After a few short minutes, Sven gives Cedric one more spin before setting him lightly back on the sand and taking a bow.

Valor chuckles. The reluctant one gets picked. "Well, how about it Lady Longtail?"

Bite grins and claps along with the feline as he puts on quite a show, swaying as she watches the puma take on the badger like he were made of paper. She claps at the end. "That was impressive sssweeties!." she giggles, throwing a few crown at them.

Cedric narrows his eyes a little as he's pulled to his feet rather forcefully and instructed to be a 'pretty farm girl'. So far, though, just the eye narrowing and not any sort of evisceration or immolation just yet. The badger is showing incredible restraint in the matter and goes along with the dance, following Sven's lead and calls over to Angus. "We've already done this by the way! You should'a come to the captain's party!" he chuckles while dancing. It's true. There were also less clothes involved with that dance, so it happened to be far more embarassing than this. He takes his seat and gathers up the crown tossed by the serpent with a chuckle, nodding to Bite. "Thanks!"

Flora hisses lightly through her teeth, before looking at Sven. "Say. Flora chooses say. Say doesn't sound so bad compared to do, no. Do involves touching people."

Even so, she does cast a slight glare in Sven's direction, a glance to Bastet, just in case it might be needed. To defend her honor, of course. "Miss Bite? What happens if Flora chooses not to answer? Flora would like to know up front, yes."

Bite hisses "As long as it is a reasonable ask or do, and nothing worth immediately being dismissed, you move to the other option, and if neither fit we call you a spoil sport and the tailor to something you can do."

Sven nods at Bite's explanation and looks thoughtful for a moment. "Pretty Flora," he finally says, "Is easy question for you, Sven thinks." The big cat flops back down into the sand. "What is being your first thought when King Good is saying that you are Lady Longtail?" he asks.

A mumble, a mewl... "Flora... Flora isn't sure. Flora didn't know, still doesn't know. Flora guesses Flora was... Confused? Flora had never been

nobility before, no... Flora was confused, yes."

"Now Flora has to pick someone, yes? Flora is not good at that part, no... Flora wouldn't have a question for them no. Flora needs to think... Miss... Miss Cassidy, yes. Flora will figure something out."

Angus chuckles as he claps for Sven, giving Flora a smirk as the question is asked and answered. "Well now, this should be interesting." He teases his cousin as he nudges her.

Sven had hoped for something a little more dramatic. He gives the twitchy tigress an encouraging smile anyway. "Sven felt the same way when Papa said that Sven could not play in the mud because he was Snowmark," the hefty puma muses.

Cassidy folds her legs and leans back in the sand, looking up towards the sky for a moment. "It certainly can be a culture shock, yes. And sure, Flora! I'm game for whatever, I think!" She looks back down, flashing a warm smile.

Cedric pats Sven on the back in an attempt to try comforting him, chuckling a little bit at the thought of it. "Well, we can find you some mud around here later, perhaps." he says reassuringly to the feline.

Finally, it clicks that she's supposed to make her choice! Cassidy's ears twitch for a moment. "Uhh. Say? Yeah, that'll work! Yeah."

"Flora... Flora thinks Flora has it, yes! What would be the most embarrasing things someone could ask miss Cassidy to say and do during this game?" she rumbles with a grin and a tailflick.

Cassidy tilts her head, looking rather confused at that. "Hrm... Good question... To do? Get naked, I suppose. I don't like removing my clothes. To say? Hrm... I don't really know! Maybe something about my love life, or my interests and hobbies." She scratches at the back of her neck, brow furrowing in thought. "But since that was your question, I think I'll pick..." She points towards Cedric, grinning. "Say or do?"

Angus holds a hand over his muzzle as he tries to hide his laughter. "My my Cassidy, an intresting answers." He teases as he looks to Cedric, wondering what he was going to do next.

Cedric seems to recall that she's done that before, but politely neglect to point this fact out! Instead, he looks to the fox, nodding as he tries to decide which to pick. "Um..." well, he's already pretty comfortable in his seat and had to get up to dance, so at least for this time... "I'll go with ask!" he tells Cassidy, with a wide smile.

Sven furrows his brow at Cassidy's answer, "Why she is shy for not wearing clothes?" he asks Cedric, "She is afraid of being cold, maybe?"

Cassidy reaches out to poke Angus in the side before looking to Sven. "Because I was raised to be all proper and ladylike, and I do not find it to be ladylike to go without clothing. But yes! As for the question... Hmm. I may be missing out on what is common knowledge, but... Do you have a thing for mister Snowmark, there? The couple of times I've seen you two together have had me curious!"

Sven flops over in the sand and grins up at Cedric, interested to see how the badger answers the question. "Sven is very sorry, Lady Solacious," he says, "Sven is foreign and does not mean to offend."

The badger considered lying his tail off in response to the question, but he's an absolutely terrible liar. It doesn't really stop him from attempting at first. "Nnnnnoo..." he says, looking between the others, and covers his face with a hand. "Yes. Yes, I do." he says, nodding with his face still covered.

Everyone is completely shocked by this, I'm sure!" he laughs nervously. He should've expected the question, but anyhow... time for someone else... who hasn't been

picked yet? "Hmm..." he swipes his hand down his muzzle to rub his chin thoughtfully before pointing at Bite. "How about our lovely hostess? Do or ask?"

Bite grins and hisses "Do! Let's see what you got."

Flora mumbles a moment, before looking around. "As much as Flora would like to stay, Flora has business to attend to, and Flora should take a nap, yes. Flora will see you all later, yes. Flora will stay to see the question to miss Bite, but will have to leave and take care of things after that, yes."

Cedric continues rubbing his chin as he thinks of what he could ask Bite to do. "Hm... well, I already know of your spectacular dancing, so I don't think that would put you on the spot much." he grins to the taipan. "And we've already done that so... how about a kiss to the person here you're most attracted to? That's not too terrible obscene, no?" he asks, and braces himself for possible attack with sharp objects or magic.

Angus claps and snickers as Cedric answers. Then Cedric's do makes him laugh just a bit as he watches, wondering exactly was going to happen as he watches!

Valor chuckles. He wasnt the only one here with odd attractions. "So.... who will it be?"

Bite looks over the gropu and thinks carefully. "I don't know ssweetie, that's a toughie... through process of elimination.... we lose in order..." she hisses and starts pointing to people, startig with Valor, then Cedric, then she points twice at once to Angus and Cassidy, then, stops and ponders for a bit.

Sven grins over at Bite as she looks over the group, flexing his big burly arms. He definitely had a thing with Cedric, but the hefty puma would hardly say no to a kiss from a pretty lady!

Flora hisses lightly and flashes Bite a glance, before shooting that same glance to Cedric, gesturing at Bastet, before growling softly. "No touching Flora," is all she's saying, eying bite rather warily.

Dio's chest rises and falls in a gentle rhythem as deep breaths flow from his leonine muzzle. Occasionally, a loud growl-like snore bellows from his thunderous throat, highlighting the lazy lion's power to sleep while a social action goes around just a few measly feet beyond him. And oh how peaceful he looks, smile plastered upon those flat lips of his as he dreams of things pleasent and unknown.

The serpent looks like she is having a hard time with it, finally hissing "I think since Miss FLora wouldn't want it that is where she stops... and then..." The serpent looks between Sven and Dio. "I couldn't kiss you Flora, even if you reached the top, that would endanger my life and that would nullify theh request." she adds before moving towards Dio and shaking them to wake them up.

Angus just shakes his head as he chuckles, poking his cousin in the side just because he can as he watches Dio sleep. ".....Why am I not surprised that he is easily able to sleep that quickly." He tries hard not to laugh as he sits there, waiting to see what happens.

Cedric leans forward to turn his head for a glance at the snoring of the lion, and is pretty impressed. "And here I was thinking I was the only one prone to falling asleep like that..." he muses aloud, and puts his hand to rest on Sven's leg with a squeeze.

Dio's eyes slowly release their iron-like burden, eventually allowing his eyes to lock in with Bite's. Being woken up from dreamland so suddenly, a small groggy haze covers his vision as he tries to piece together the story. "W-what 're ya shakin' me fer, lass," he questions with a small yawn while taking his other hand to rub at his eyes. "'re we bein' attacked? Is it my turn o' somethin'?"

Sven sighs, no kisses from the lady, then. The hefty puma wraps an arm around Cedric and pulls the badger down beside him in the sand, propping himself up just enough to watch the approaching kiss between Bite and Dio.

Bite nods once the Lion is awake, and kisses them on the lips for about five seconds before she pulls away and sits down. "Okay who hasn't had a turn... everyone. So...." she hissees and points to Cassidy. "Answer or do!" she says with a grin.

"Flora will be leaving, yes. Needs a nap, yes yes. Flora will be back later," the feline mumbles, waving off and heading back to her manor.

Cassidy licks her lips for a moment, reaching up to rub at an ear. "Uhhh. Ask. Because I don't think I want to end up unclothed!" She then looks towards the sand, digging her fingers into the warm grains, smiling softly at the feeling as she awaits her question.

Dio stares increduiously at the curious space invading snake, certainly not expecting any contact of that persuasion. "What 're ya doi- Mmf!" The fine kiss easily cuts off the lion's line of speach. His once groggy eyes shoot up in high alert as his body shifts downwards during the kiss until his back eventually reclaims its place upon the tower shield. Eyes staring up at the sky, the feline lays stunned for a few moments, still wondering if he's dreaming.

The serpent grins and hisses "So tell us of your love life, in great detail." as she smiles and sways in place, putting Flora's ask into place.

Cassidy tilts her head, ears twitching. "So general... Well, if you want to know about my love life in particular, it's non-existent. Sadly, I'm not seeing anyone, no one is seeing me, and all in all I'm just a rather lonely lady! Admittedly, I tend to get my companionship at the Twin Pillows, when I'm feeling in the mood for a nice hug and chat. There's not a whole lot to say, really."

Eventually, the fennec turns a finger towards Angus. "You haven't done anything in a little bit, I think. Ask or do, cousin."

Angus blinks a bit as he turns to his cousin, flicking his ears as he rubs at the back of his neck. "ummmmm, why not go with an Ask again then?" He asks, giving his cousin a worried look as he kind of just smiles.

Cassidy folds her arms, snickering. "Let's see, then..." A sudden thought crosses her mind. "Everyone has all these rumours about you, Angus! But I'm

curious as to the truth. How many children DO you have?"

Sven lays back in the sand, feeling the late afternoon sun shine down and the heat emanating from Cedric by his side. His ears perk up at Cassidy's

question. "The puny fox is having children?" he asks, "And his cousins do not know how many?" The hefty cat grins, "Maybe Firmament is not so different from Hilrock after all!"

Cedric has his head nestled on the broad chest of the foreign puma, and just sort of... widens his eyes a little bit at the question, whispering lowly. "I don't know... I never heard anything like that." he says to Sven, raising his head with a look of intense interest between Angus and Cassidy as he idly rubs Sven's tummy.

Angus blinks a bit after the question, and he sighs. "I would like to go for the Do instead please, that's not a question I am comfortable answering at the moment." He gives them a thin smile as he looks them over.

Cassidy gives a smug grin at that and nods. "Very well! I want you to get up and go over there to Snowmark and his friend... And give them both a biiiig hug!" She pokes her tongue out. "Then I will be appeased!"

Sven laughs, bouncing Cedric around a little. "Come, friend Angus!" he calls, not rising, but opening his arms wide, "Sven will give you best hugs!"

Valor chuckles, looking between Sven and Cedric, wondering why its only the attractive ones that get the good dares...

Bite giggles and watches Angus. "Come on sssweetie you should be able to do that one in a heartbeat. Get rough with it."

Angus sighs a little and nods as he stands up and walks over to both Cedric and Sven, kneeling down to give them both a hug as he rolls his eyes. "Bunch of jerks." He mutters.

Cedric tries to comfort the fox with a pat of the back as he leans in for the hug, he does look a bit sorry about this even though he's chuckling a little bit.

Sven grins and drags Angus down into the sand between himself and Cedric, squeezing the fox for all he's worth! "Come puny fox! Manly hugs!"

Cassidy nods in satisfaction, folding her legs as she rubs at her paws. "Your go, then, Angus!" She brings her other hand up to tug at the shoulders of her dress before moving up to rub one of her ears.

Sven finally releases the fox with a grin, wrapping his arm back around Cedric. He then promptly follows Dio's earlier example, his breathing slowing

and deepening as he falls asleep on the warm sand.

Angus squeaks a little in surprise at the hug, squeaking a little as he is squeezed and he stands up and looks over everyone present. "nahhhhhh, might not be the best idea to be honest considering we have people falling asleep on us already." He snickers, before looking to Bite. "Shall we call it a day?"

Valor slumps. "Can we have one more questions?" He asks, looking over to Bite.

Bite nods. "Alright, I suppose that's fair. Thank you all for coming! It was fun, we should do it again!" she hisses with a smile, standing and waving to all those present with a grin.

The badger stretches out on the beach with Sven's arm wrapped around him with a big yawn. "Yeah... was up... pretty early for the festival this morning..." he says with his eyes already drooping. "Maybe one more though..." he says, closing his eyes and curling up against the puma.

Bite looks to Valor. "Sure thing sssweetie."

Valor then thinks twice. "Oh.... Nevermind. The question I had though about has just poofed. So.... I guess this is done. I have fun." He nods, pulling his bag closer and gathering his things.

THe serpent nods and thanks everyone for coming again, before she moves off along the beach, the game completed.