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The stage is hastily set up, chairs around for people to sit in, and the crowd murmurs. Abductions, Creators, that storm the other day that sunk a few fishing boats, riots in Shanty Town, and the recent price hike of lamp oil. Mirana takes the stage, slowly and carefully, walking a bit funny. "Good afternoon my fellow beings. First, something from the first text." She says and opens it up, waiting for everyone to settle.

Leian wanders into the square, her tail swaying softly behind her, tilting her head at the stage, as she nears. Her ears flicking at the greeting as she looks up at Mirana a moment, and takes a seat near the front, watching curiously

Sveta arrives at the noonday mass with...well, no great expectations other than a breath of fresh air and the same old mass that she's heard for as long as she can remember, countless variations upon the same few topics. Yet today's speaker is a familiar face, and yet one she doesn't remember seeing up there all too often...dusting off one of the seats, the goshawk stifles a yawn and settles in, folding her wings neatly as she focuses her attention on the stage.

Angus had heard that his sister was going to be speaking at Noon mass today. So he was a little curious as to what was going to happen. He pulled his cloak tighter around himself, noticing Sveta out of the corner of his eye. So he decides to take a seat far away from her.

Charmed by the sounds of the noon mass bells, Dio arrives shortly after the others with hands tucked securly within his pockets and enters the mass. While typically quite loud and booming when entering a crowd, the lion still has the respect to not shout and dance in a place of worship. Though, spotting Sveta and Angus, he gives them a little wave, if they notice, and sits not too far away from them.

Mirana clears her throat and starts to speak, "Honor your fellow being, your parents and your creators. And with this respect and honor, work to build your world into something everyone will be proud of." she says and closes the book, "Any comments?" everyone murmurs slightly, but no real comments from the crowd.

Sveta, for her part, doesn't seem to notice Angus - what with him being on the other end of the seating - but does notice Dio and gives the scruffy fellow a dip of her head. Still, it doesn't seem like there's anything out of the ordinary about this mass so far. Same old, same old.

Leian tilts her head softly as she listens in on the speaking, ears twitching a bit as she looks around herself a moment " Well.. This is my first time coming to here for this. I've not been here long. And I do wish to do what I can to make others cheerful and happy. Which is why I brought my music with me when I traveled and found this place."

Angus nods to Dio, and gives Sveta a quick glance as he listens to his sister. So far same old same old, but it's not like he ever really goes to noon mass. This time of day he is usually off doing something for the lightbringers. He yawns, leaning a little forward to rest his elbow on his knee, and his head in his hand.

Much like the wolfess, Dio had never been to this location's mass. Actually, come to think of it, he's never been to a mass at all! Noticing Sveta's and Angus' gestures, he waves back to them once more and soon leans back into his seat with his elbows against the back, crossing his legs and rather curious about the proceedings.

Mirana nods and steps infront of the podium, taking a stool and sitting, rubbing the small of her back a bit, "Well, lets open up to discussion then, first, we have some fishers that need our help, their ships have been sunk in a storm, do we have anyone who can offer a bit to help them?" she asks and a few voluneteer some of thier crown, "Thank you sweeties... every little bit helps," then she adjusts in the stool a bit, "how about with the abductions that have been happening, do we have any word?" she asks, smiling out to everyone, but smiling a bit wider when she notices Angus, Sveta, Dio, and Leian.

Leian looks up at Mirana as she tilts her head to her " I am curious about the.. Spirits of this place I keep hearing about.. Especially one about.. Family. Which I hope to have one of, one day."

Sveta frowns. "Abductions? What abductions? Then again, I haven't really been out that, I haven't heard of any abductions of late. As far as I know, everyone I know is still around." At the sound of Leian's mention of "spirits", though, she thinks back to her own previous encounters with them - they were certainly fascinating in their own right, but best observed from a distance. Sort of like a bone dragon.

Dio notices a few individuals get after some poor fishermen were mentioned and joins the line, dropping in a few crown himself to support those with unfortunate luck. "Abductions?" The lion cocks his head to the side before he turns around and heads back to his seat. "I've 'eard a few rumors lass, but I'm afraid I don't know the details." Finally, he returns back to his original position, scooting by a few people and sitting down once more and thinking about his own encounters with the spirits.

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Angus shrugs, and offers crown himself to help, and debated on offering the help of his house as well. As for the Abductions, well....he did actually have an idea about them...and he sighs as he speaks up. "There is something strange about the abductions for one...." He mutters, gaining the attention of a few other beings in the crowd as he just ignores them. "....And to be honest...I think I know who the Wolfess might be." He hints, since he hadn't seen Angel in a few days.

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Mirana scratches her chin a bit, "Well, I guess we can find out about the abductions later then," and then Angus speeks up, "Oh... we can talk later my dear brother, and with the city guard, we'll get this figured out, and stopped." the beings calm a bit at these words. Mira's eyes go a bit wide when she sees the first collection plate filled, and two more braught out, "With this they will be able to easily replace their ships, and keep their families safe and well while they wait for them to be built, thank you all sweeties!" She says excitedly, claping and bringing her hands to her upper chest. She ponders a moment as Shaila is mentioned and things for a while, "Well... we could have a guest speaker if you like... I'm sure she wouldn't mind." She says, rubbing on the gold ring in her ear a moment.

Leian stands up and walks over to the donations, dropping a pouch of crowns up in offering for donation, her ears flicking softly about the talk of the abductions and a small frown appearing on her muzzle " Still more on those, I take it? I've not seen or heard much more than what you already told me, of, Miss. But I am still keeping an eye and ear out for anything I can." she tilts her head of mention about the guest speaker, ears flicking on her head " A guest speaker? Who might that be?" she asked curiously

Sveta can't help but be a bit worried. "Well then, my lion of grapevine pulling, you must inform me when we're done here. I..." she's about to say more, but notices Mirana pulling on the golden ring. Several thoughts flash through her mind, mainly centered about whether it would exactly be wise do such a thing in the middle of noonday mass without prior warning, but there's probably little time to voice any objection now.

Angus waves his hand to dismiss the idea. "I. Don't think it will be that easy sister. I've been working with the guards on it, and there is something... Odd about those who were abducted." He frowns as he rubs his chin, trying to remember the details as he continues to ignore the beings that give him odd looks.

Dio smiles at the news that the down on their luck fishermen might be much happier when they receive the generous donations. "'fraid I don't know too much myself, lass," he somewhat yells over at Sveta, but wondering why she stopped so suddenly. However, a quick glance and open ears to Mira soon reveals the answer. "Odd, fox-kit? I'm a bit curious now, lad! Though, perhaps the details aren't for public ears, unless you wish to discuss 'em of course."

Mirana nods and smiles, "Shaila, your child calls for you, there are beings here who would like to talk with you, to meet you." she says with a smile, and this draws more then a few odd looks, both to her and Angus. She waves to Angus as she waits for Shaila's arrival, and eeps slightly, a hand going to her belly. She watches the small group of people gathered, and awaits their responces.

Space peels wetly apart, admitting the brilliant blues and purple furs of the strange thing known as Shiela steps forward, its many tales swaying to and fro. Currently male, it seems. He smiles gently at Mirana, "When you call, I will come," he echoes in pact, "It is good to see you. What drives you to call to me?"

Yep, too late for any objections. A flash of irritation runs through Sveta as she realises Angus is present, but quickly fades, perhaps due to the spirit's presence. Still, to bring one of their number straight into a noonday mass...she can't help but feel there's something imprudent about it. Still, no one seems to be pointing, gawking or screaming, so it all seems to have worked out for the better...

Angus looks to Dio, then to Mirana as she summons Shiela. "Your right...perhaps another time." Nodding to Dio he then turns back to Shiela, and blinks. He had never met the spirit, but he could of sworn that they were a gril from what he had heard from his sister...

Leian's ears twitch and she blinks slightly at the appearance of the newcomer, tilting her head slightly at the sight " Is this.. The guest speaker?" she looks to Mirana curiously " Who is she?" her tail flicking lightly behind her.

"Maybe it'd be best to do this in pri-" Well, no going back now. He'd have to wonder just how other people who haven't had contact with the spirits would react to something popping out of space. "Oh my... Welcome back, Pillow Spirit," he chuckles, standing up to get a better viewing position.

Mirana looks over to Shiela and smiles wide, "Thank you for coming, there are a few who would like to speak to you Great Spirit," and she waves a hand to the small gathering of onlookers, most just watching in awe. "This is Shiela, one of the Great Spirits, and, well, maybe it would be best to let him speak." she says, taking her seat again, "But, that one is the one who requested directly to see you Shiela," she says, pointing out Leian.

Shiela looks around, at the people, and his surroundings, "I know this place," he says, "Where you venerate your sires and dams. It is good that you respect your progenitors," he agrees with a warmth of expression that simply radiates good will, "All parents deserve adoration and respect for the love and support they give for their children. Who wishes to meet me? There are so many. I am not used to speaking to so many at once," he admits, first bit of doubt on its sparkling lips.

Leian stands up and forward from the crowd as she looks up at Shiela, head tilted softly as she looks him over " I do. I heard of spirits in this region who grant blessings to those who seek them. I wish to one day have a family of my own, and feel that your blessing may bring me what I one day hope to have." she says softly. Her ears lowered rather shyly atop her head as she watches him and Mirana.

Sveta is more than content to lean back and observe quietly for now - while Shiela and her brother are powerful entities in their own right, the goshawk had felt no particular inspiration to converse much with them at their previous meeting, and nothing seems to have changed in the meantime. Although she does wish she'd brought along pen and paper to make notes with, since everyone seems to be perfectly fine with a spirit materialising in their midst.

Now that he's out of his seat, Dio shuffles his way past a few knees and joins the onlookers, coming close to the spirit and the others around him. "Pillow spirit! Pillow spirit," he chants, waving his arms about in an attempt to capture the spirit's attention. "Is it possible ya could bless me with another divine and comfortable object? Sorry to be greedy 'n' all, but it gets a bit cold at night sometimes..."

Talk to the spirit or not talk to the spirit, it was an intresting thought. In the end Angus sighs, standing up and walking to the edge of the crowd of onlookers just to watch and see what happens.

Mirana smiles and watches as everyone looks up to Shiela, and more then a few questions are asked in addition to Dio and Leian's, a Cherry Tree stands, "If I might, where do you and your kin come from?" he asks, and a Skunk next, piggy backing on Leian's questions, "Are you that spirit? Please, I've been trying to have children with my life bond for so long, could you help me?" she asks. Mirana stands up again and walks a bit forward, "Please my good beings, sweeties, don't be too crowding." Everyone is calm, but curious.

The spirit looks towards Leian, judging them with the gaze a parent could level on a child as they gaze at the macaroni art they have created, hmmm. "You appear quite ready to be a mother as you are," he points out, "Why do you seek to walk my path?" he asks then, "My path is that of protecting others who take the responsibility of parent, and to oppose the mockery of the final times in those who walk while dead." His ear twitches, and he looks towards Dio. A flash of brilliant happiness, "I am glad you enjoy the cushion, but it was the only I had. I hope you treat it well." So many questions, his smile diminishes a bit, looking perhaps worried or overwhelmed, "Please, one at a time. I would embrace you all, but..." A moment of a fidget, "We are born of focus, in times long past, before any could hope to remember..." He approaches the one asking for help with her sterility, looking her over with a curious appearance a moment.

Dio frowns a little at the news, but recovers rather quickly after a minor shrug. "No need to worry, lad. The pillow was more than enough 'n' has kept my head quite relaxed in the long nights. Just testin' my luck." No longer wanting to crowd the spirit more than he is already, the lion waves and quickly shuffles back to his seat to relax a little.

Sveta crosses over to Dio and nudges the poor lion, taking a seat recently vacated from the small horde of beings now swarming about the spirit. "More's the pity, eh? Come to think of it, where did that cushion go? You certainly aren't carrying it on you at the moment." She sighs and folds her arms. "They certainly seem to be warming to the spirit, aren't they? Although I can't help but, never mind. I'll have to put this down to pen and paper when I get back -" she casts a glance across the seats at Angus- "before I go take care of some other business."

Leian sighs softly as her ears twitch a bit " I wish to protect any and all who will be one day a parent, as well as my own offspring more fully. My music soothing the soul of which to help them through any troubled times they may have. To comfort them when they need comforted, and kept together. To keep families whole. As well as to feel more worthy of one day having a mate of my own, to bare young to. I feel your blessing will help me with my own encouragement to find and help other familys, and to find one in which I belong."

Angus shrugs, and moves away from the crowd as he honestly has nothing to ask the spirit. Turning around he walks over to were Dio was, and blinks as he see's Sveta. "Excuse me." He mutters, turning to take another seat away from them both before he turns to watch the Spirit answer more questions.

More beings look like they are wishing to speek, but Mirana raises a hand, "Please, I'll be more the willing to answer more simple questions of our Great Spirits, lets bring this to a close, and thank you all sweeties for coming out, if you have more... spacific questions for Shiela though, please step forward." Most of the crowd does just that, and Leian is the first in line with her comments, behind her, the same Skunk and a Tiger in a guard's uniform. Mira herself looks up proudly to Shiela, "Thank you, for all you do and have done." before stepping down to be with Angus, Dio, and Sveta.

Dio's interest was mostly captured by the spirit and those surrounding him, that is, until he received a nudge into his side. "Oh! Hello there lass. If ya wish to know 'bout that pillow, it's in my room. Perhaps under yer analysis, it could end up bein' some kind of super pillow or somethin'." He over at Angus, and then back to Sveta, growing a little bit concerned. "Still havin' a bit of strife are ya," he asks, mostly rhetorically as we waves over to Mira. "Hello lass! How've you been since that crazy adventure?"

"To walk my path," speaks the spirit with some sorrow, "Is to bring danger on yourself. Your children will not be safer if you walk it vigorously, though I would do what I can, should things go poorly." His tails twitch and weave as he looks torwards Mirana, "Have you told them I bring easiness? No spirit that speaks truth would claim their path is one of leisure..." Oh, right, lady with fertility problems. He steps up, and taps her on the belly, "And nothing is free. The thing preventing you must be defeated at your hands alone. Sleep well tonight. When you awaken, write your dream immediately. It will have the clues to your quest. When you have put right what is wrong in your life, your womb will unlock, and you will become a mother." No instant answers provided, but perhaps hope? He looks around again, almost dizzy, but attention refocuses on Leian and he gestures her closer.

Sveta shrugs. "Coming from a spirit, I think it already automatically qualifies as a 'super' pillow, for a given definition of 'super'." She doesn't quite notice Angus' approach, though - for now, at least.

Leian steps up to the spirit, her tail flicking softly behind her. Ears still lowered atop her head shyly, as she bites her lip slightly nervously " I will put my children before myself. If it means harm to me, to protect them, and also others' children and parents.. I will gladly do so. I will not let them come to harm, so far as I can do my best to do so." she lowers her head slightly when she reaches him

Mirana looks back up to Shiela and shakes her head vigeriously! "Not at all Great Spirit! I haven't told any of that, when people ask me questions I tell them you are a protector of families, and oppose the vile thing that is undeath, a great matron and patrion." she ponders a moment, "I suppose a few might have misunderstood my words... or taken a few out of context, I will try harder Shiela, please forgive me." she says with a straigned curtsey. Then back to Dio, Sveta, and mostly Angus, "I've been doing fine since the trip, thank you though, but, I'm more curious what you know about recent events Angus, you said you might know the Wolfess' identaty?" she asks. The skunk nods to Shiela, "Thank you, thank you, I will do that, I hope to know what is wrong with your help." she says, and the male tiger guard is next, but Mira waves him over, "What do you need?" she asks and her responds, "I was hoping for some advice on combating the undead." Mira looks again to the spirit and thinks, "Life is the best force to combat unlife, and not just violance, we need to try and move back near there, then, we will stand a chance, not in the city itself, not in Mossy Stone, but close by." she suggests.

Angus looks up at Mira as she speaks to him, frowning just a little bit as she makes the comment about fighting the dead with life. "Yes, I haven't seen Angel in a few days and I am truly worried about her." His gaze shifts to Sveta as he clasps his hands together, his knuckles turning a little white under his fur as he clenches his hands. "But, as Dio said this conversation should be held in private."

Several tails move to wrap around Mirana warmly, "My child, do not speak to me as one fearing retribution. You are mine, I am yours. We will come to understanding, so long as there is love between us, and we remain sincere." he says, voice full of support and adoration. He leans in closer to leian, sniffing her once, "Have you done battle with them? No, let us not start there. Tell me of better things. Tell me of when you were a supporter of children. Have you cared for one in its parents stead?"

"If ya wish to look at the pillow, yer more than free to borrow it fer awhile," he chuckles, patting Sveta on the back a few times in his typical fashion. "But anyways, it's good to hear yer alright, fox lassie. I was a bit worried I hav'ta admit." The lion looks over to Angus as the word 'Angel' captures his interest quite well. "Oh my... Yes, that's certainly a private conversation, fox-kit. I'll help ya out if we get the chance to talk 'bout it."

Mirana giggles a bit, and snuggles into the warmth, "Thank you Shiela, I will always continue to be sincere when I speak of you, and I charish the love you have helped me find." she says. The guard gives a salute and is off himself. Mira's attention is braught back to Angus and Dio though, watching Sveta as she stays quiet. "Alright, another time then." Then over to Leian, "Yes, please tell of your stories, oh, the fond memories of playing for the children in Lady Ironsoul's orphanage, helping to tuck them in at night. I really should talked to my darling Ictus, I so need to do that more often." she says, resolving to be there more of them. And Lo! A priestess brings a few out from that very orphange, intent on a field trip of sorts!

Leian nods softly as she continues looking down with a slight sigh " I took care of my siblings and cousins often, when our parents went off on hunts. I often took care of others' children as well, when I could. I enjoyed the feeling of having children around me. It filled me with hope and love. As well as... A longing..." a bit of sadness in her tone " But I never found what I was looking for... To fully sate that longing... I traveled far seeking it.. And found this place. Then heard bits and peices about how there was a way to find what I was looking for more easily.. And I.. Vowed to myself I would do whatever I had to... To seek it out.. To feel that feeling I had again. And to feel it more strongly and closely as well, with my own. To feel loved.. To love.. And to protect.. I lost one sibling at birth... And I feared such would happen to me one day... I do not want to see anyone's child die... Especially like that..." tears begin running down her muzzle as she brings back old memories

Sveta clicks her beak and looks thoughtful. "I suppose I wouldn't mind having a look at the fabric sometime. It would certainly be fascinating to see what exactly is worthy of a spirit, or a portly fellow of your stature." The goshawk's attention is drawn towards the ongoing exchange, and for the umpteenth time, she wishes she had pen and paper. Her gaze flickers a little as the name "Angel" is mentioned, but the goshawk's sheer single-mindedness keeps the lion's share of her attention on Leian's explanation, not wanting to miss a moment of it.

Oh no, orphans? Consider the spirit thoroughly distracted. He tries to focus on Leian, but his eyes keep wandering towards them, back, forth, nnng! "Please wait one moment," he says, and he's off in a flash of tails, "Children, so adorable, all dressed up and ready for some kind of adventure," he cries jubilantly, "Or are you coming back? Such adorable little things!" Darn spirits and their one track minds.

"To be perfectly honest lass, I've slept on a few rocks in my life time. Pretty much any pillow would make me smile." And on cue, Dio smiles rather brightly, especially when the various orphans come running in through the door. "Ah! Look at 'em! They're so cute." Scooting out of his chair, the rather strangely dressed lion gets down on his knees and waves to the children with a happy and proud smile. "'ello there little kits, cubs, pups!"

Having been kept away from the going ons due to being on patrol, Ictus arrives! He looks around at the square and blinks at the mass of beings, "Hmm, mass still going on?" he ponders to himself before he heads for the group and smiles as he spots Shaila and bows politely before the spirit bounds off to the orphans, he chuckles at that and shakes his head with a smile, "Ah, well..."

Angus nods to his sister with a sigh before he stands up. "Alright, well we will need to talk about this soon sadly." He smiles to his sister, not really feeling it. He frowns lightly at the orphans, before he moves over near Sveta and stops. "You and I need to talk. Soon please." He mutters, his gaze squarely in front of him before he politely gives his Cousin a nod as he heads out.

Mirana listens to everyone carefully, but she herself is slightly distracted by the orphans being led out, but that gives her an idea, she walks over to Leian and whispers something to her, before walking over herself, "Oh, is it time to go out to the market? My good sister, what adventures are they going out on?" she asks and the gater priestess replies, "Well, we are out to get some new clothes Sister, they grow so quickly." she says to Mira, the children all look up to Shiela with wonder and awe, a few reaching out to touch him, "Who are you?" says a small hedgehog boy. Mira giggles and looks over to Ictus, "Darling! Please come over here." she says full of glee.

Leian nods softly at the whispering. She takes her flute from her belt, walking over to the orphans, tail swaying softly behind her as she smiles softly, despite the sadness in her eyes " Oh, hello there little ones.. On a bit of an outting? I remember when me and my siblings used to play in the fields together. Traveling on many an adventure.. I used to play the flute to them while we were out and about. Would you like to hear one such song I used to play?" she kneels down in front of them, her ears perking atop her head.

Sveta watches Angus' retreat, her eyes narrowed and with no small frustration, too. "Oh, I was intending to drop by the manor anyways," she says, although the words seem to be meant more for herself than anyone else. "You want to talk, Angus Solacious, we'll talk. I can only hope it's good." Her concentration broken from Shiela, though, she notices Ictus' approach and steps forward to give him a small bow. "Lord Ictus Solacious. May I have a word with you for a moment? I would like to request a dispensation to visit Solacious Manor."

The spirit reaches down, plucking up the first child to offer their arms and swirling them around once with a merry laugh, "Oh, oh, you..." he pauses, "I am sorry, I only just noticed..." He leans in and whispers in the kit's ear, 'Your father would be very proud of you.' then sets the stunned child down. He looks towards Leian then, watching her.

Dio smiles as he watches the little orphans look up in awe at the spirit and soon returns to his feet. "Cute little things," he murmurs, turning around to walk over to the priestess. "Buy 'em somethin' nice, lass." After fishing about in his pockets, he drops a few crown in her hands and begins heading for the door. "I'd like to talk about this situation as well, fox-kits! Don't forget!" With a wave, he soon steps out the door.

Dio spends 1000 Crown to: More Donations!

Ictus hmms? at Mira and nods before Sveta accosts him, he blinks at the 'lord' and shakes his head with a smile, "Ah, we aren't in court or anything, so just Ictus is fine. But yes, you are free to visit... Unless you have done something recently?"

Mirana twitches an ear as she listens to Dio and Angus, waving to them both as they go. She smiles wide as Shiela plays with the children, but the priestess starts collecting them back up, taking from Dio the plentiful donation, "Why! Thank you my dear Lion, this... this will keep them clothed for.. for years." she exlaimes, eyes wide. The children split themselves though, half with Shiela, the other half around Leian, "Play the one about the Wolf and the Hare!" another says, "No! We heard that one day before yester'ay" replies a small rabbit, "How about some'ng from 'ifside." says another. The ones around Shiela continue to look up to him, and the child he had taken giggles with glee, but even they have their ears turned to hear what song Leian might play.

Sveta nods. "I was intending to visit that wolfess I patched together the other day, that retainer of Angus'." The last few words come out a little shakily. "That, and she asked me to teach her some basics in playing the violin...I suppose I feel I have some duty towards her. Oh, by the by, do you have anything to write with?" She looks out at the happy scene. "Someone should really document this, make some sketches perhaps. It would certainly give beings an idea of what spirits are like, without needing to call one up just to ask them the same old questions over and over again..."

Leian chuckles softly as she flicks her tail behind her, putting the flute to her muzzle " Well, this one.. I rather learned about, myself. It makes things dance! My little brother used to love it." she murrs softly as she begins to play her flute slowly, a soft tune playing to the wind like a singing chirto indicating morning has arrived. The wind picks up slightly, some leaves nearby kicking up

A sudden, but soft, flash eminates from the spirit. He leans over to whisper in Mirana's ear, kisses the same ear, and promptly vanishes in a shower of blue sparkles and a faint scent.

Ictus ahs and nods to Sveta at that, "I see, they should let you in if you give my or Angus' name." he shakes his head at the question though, "No, I usually don't... Sorry." he looks over at Mira as he watches and smiles as he heads over at least, "Sorry my love, what did Shaila say?" he looks curious

Mirana helps gather up the children for her fellow priestess and shuttles them around Leian to listen, saying to the gater, "They can stick around and listen for a while, surely swettie?" and gives another sudden yelp! Her hand goes to her belly and coos, "Some one is... being lively.." she says and looks over to Ictus as he comes up to her. She wraps her arms aroudn Ictus and nuzzles to him, "Just, that he had to go and will be back." she says, nodding knowing to Leian, "I think Leian will be happy, but not today." she says, and walks over to her to give a slight hug, not wanting to interupt. She then waves a fairwell to the children and priestess, gesturing for Ictus to come with her, and heading toward Sveta, "Talking... is needed, to the manor?" she suggests, listening to the soft song played by Leian.

Sveta privately wonders if Solacious Manor is in the habit of letting people in who can just give any of the family's names, and then shrugs. There's probably more than meets the eye to that, right? "Ah, it doesn't matter, I suppose," she says as Shiela vanishes in a shower of sparkles. "The spirit's gone. I should probably return to get this all down while it's fresh in the mind..." And to Mirana, "not just yet, Lady Solacious. In due course - duties come first. But rest assured - if Angus wishes to speak, well, I have no intention of running from him."

Leian's music continues, as it does, the wind seems to cause the leaves to dance upon the air behind her, circling one another and as if to partners, the breeze cooling and soft as it ruffles through the fur, ears, and tails of those around her. Her tail softly swaying from the breeze. The scent of the nearby waters blowing by upon it.