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August 475 SA


After some finagling, and some persistent badgering, allows the soulless to rent a small boat. Surely the love sapphire can be theres! Maybe.

It is easy to see Bite's eagerness, her body is in constant motion as her mind whirls with the knowledge she has collected on this matter. A map imprinted on her mind, a song running through her head, she seems to be buzzing with activity although she keeps to one place, beside the boat.

Kilsa looks out from the edge of the boat and smells the air. "I'm excited!" She says while the boat rocks on the water. Kilsa smiles and begins to check over her weapons and equipment she has. "So Bite, If I find a sexy Badger on the ocean. Blow him up for me." She waits excitely to ship off and see what fortune aways. "May the Creators be with us on this journey." She begins to say blessing on the boat.

The sky is clear and the water is calm. It's a great day for the sailing. A small sailboat, it's not too hard to get it undone and off away from the dock, bobbing up and down lightly as if ready to get underway into the sea's grasp.

Bite hops in the boat and looks over the sails, ensuring that everything LOOKS to be in order. She has no expertise on a boat but thats not going to stop her. "I'll be sure to set him ablaze and then throw him overboard to drown." she says with a giggle, encouraging them to get on their way. "Lets go we have treasure to find." she adds with an encouraging hiss, looking at Kilsa.

Kilsa smiles, "Don't throw him over board we might need him to turn into crowns." She chuckles but blushes at the thought of a strong badger with rippling muscles to sweep her off her feet. "I'm ready, I've pack enough medicine to heal the good kings whole guard twice over." She smiles and sits on the deck. "I know little about where we are going so I'm ready as can be my serpintine friend. Lead the way!"

The boat, under the uncertain hand of its temporary owners, sails off and away from the city, heading towards Cliffside, as the song went just sung a day or two ago. The day passes agreeably and peacefully, and the sun hangs heavy, preparing to sleep with the rest of the world even as the boat sails on.

Bite begins picking out locations that one would discard a sapphire, if not on the spot, along with where one might meet an attractive man on the way. "It's getting dark, do you intend to sleep?" she hisses, curious if her companion will make her entertain herself as the thoughts dance through her head. She idly flicks her tail and checks what equipment they have for a general location.

Kilsa chuckles, "I'll be up for a while, This badger is a little to excited to sleep yet. Plus I don't want to miss when we find the gem. I know you have a keen sense of crown. You'll notice the gem long before I do." She laughes and looks her snake friend. "How about you?"

Bite smirks. "I think it's too cold." she hisses and shakes her head. "But really i'm too wound up to sleep, I want to try anywhere inbetween that we could meet guys first, thats a good start for where they would have gone... and maybe we'll find you a cute guy I can blow up." she giggles and looks off the side of the ship. "We'll stop soon, just don't fall asleep on me when I need you."

Kilsa chuckles, "If you blow him up. Atleast wait till I've gotten my fill of eye candy, Though I'm going to be pissed if he winds up being a cute reptile. No offense but your men are a little cold, no snuggling for anything." She huffs a bit, "I also wouldn't want to get a love bite that leaves me needing a healer myself." She picks up her hammer and begins to polish it with a rag. "I will be ready if we need to fight, if I'm too tired I'll just keel over on the opponent and use them like a big pillow." She smiles and think of how beautiful this hammer would look in the sunlight once morning arrives.

The sun sinks and darkness overtakes the boat as it sails placidly along. All is peaceful, just the sound of the water gently lapping against the undersider of the vessel, until a voice asks, 'What luck is this, that brings you to me,'

Bite jumps up and takes a fighting stance, her nerves on edge as she examines her surroundings. "And who might you be?" she hisses in discontent, not expecting anyone else in the middle of nowhere. She nudges Kilsa and stretches a little.

Kilsa growl and hefts up her hammer. "Show yourself." She begins to focus what little magic she knows to smite whoever snuck aboard the ship. "And please be a Badger." She has a little bit of humor to take the edge off her nerves. She looks arounds and attempts to keep herself back to back with Bite incase there is more than one intruder.

A sickly light, purple with a yellowish sheen. A being that drips to the decks, seawing clinging to its confused form. No being, a monster, with two heads, one male, one female. Its chest has the source of the light, pulsating the purple/yellow glow. Held in its slimy hands, all four, are tridents, one in the left hands, one in the right. "We were so hungry. To think you would come to offer," it speaks malignantly, "We will feed well."

Bite hisses and begins to prep an explosion, falling behind Kilsa as she does so. She takes care to try and place it directly between the two heads. "So are you the result of that gem?" she queries, doing her best to delay any combat until she can make a move.

Kilsa smiles wickedly, "I love a good dinner party.I really wanted to enjoy it with a cute male not an ugly sea monster!" She doesn't waste anytime before charging her flame spell in one hand using the other to swing her hammer at the glowing spot on the chest. "Creator's Mercy!" She strikes at the gem with the intent to follow up with the smite spell to attempt to disarm the left sets of hands trident.

A trident swings up with the force of a whole powerful person behind it, just for the second to move in gracefully with as much force. First blood is scored as the jagged edge of the trident digs into the Large Folk's arm and spills in a light trail, "You smell delicious," rumbles the creature as it advances on her, tridents swinging, too fast, too hard. What sort of horrible monstrosity is this?

Bite sneers and creates a forceful explosion. "So you're together forever now?" she asks in a judgemental tone. "What has that gotten you sssweetie, really? Was it worth it after such a short encounter?" she asks, hoping her accusations are true, and that this creature is a byproduct of what they seek. If not, this is an unnatural creature that will be swiftly dealt with.

"Graaah." She growls and realizes that this creature might be a bit more than she can chew. She allows Bites spell to pass over her before reaching behind her back and with drawing a crossbow. "Eat Arrow." She doesn't care what the origin of this creature is long as it can be killed. She fires a bolt aiming for the upper left arm, The moment she lets the bolt fly before position herself infront of bit again. "This is the happily ever after?" She remarks as she feels her arm burn from the cut.

The explosion makes the creature stumble ever so briefly. Hissing in a communal rage at being pricked with an arrow, a trident swings, catching Kilsa in the midsection, up, and over both go, splashing into the water on top of one another. They are lost to the darkness of the night time ocean for a moment before the glow becomes visible again. Both come up, even as jagged teeth try to take a chunk out of the badger in thanks for the given hospitality.

Bite lunges at her foe within an instant, lashing out with a flurry of ice to assault the probably non-arctic creature. Hopefully this will create enough of a distraction or cause enough harm to aid in Kilsa's escape.

Kilsa holds her breath the moment her body hits the water. She channels the smite spell into her hammer giving it unnatural light. She hold it out in an attempt to catch the monster in its open mouth. She unleashes her spell into the creatures mouth and attempts to get back up to the ship, noting that she will die in a fight underwater. Even while swimming she attempt to focus a healing spell to knit her wounds the moment she gets on ship.

A sharp crack knocks the creature away even as ice chunks splatter into the water all around the two fighting figures. It roars in defiance, "You'll never make it home again," it hisses, lashing out a trident against the side of the ship, leaving a cobweb of damage from the impact and making the craft rock precariously under the mighty blow.

Bite gets back into the boat swiftly, slithering along the deck in an attempt to keep balance as she sets the boat in motion. At least if they are stranded they will be closer to someplace than here. She taunts the creature and hopes that it will take offense, moving on deck again.

Kilsa grasp as her head pops out of the water. Her healing spell goes into effect as she swims over to the edge and shout. "Hey bite, I got a plan!" She climbs the deck and rushes over to the snake. "That...THING... Damaged the ship." She whispers something to the snake before taking a battle stands and looking around for it to attack again.

The creature can't be seen, but its glow can, giving a circle around the injured boat, perhaps waiting for it to sink before making its next attack.

Bite sighs and shakes her head, rearing her fangs and diving towards the light, biting as soon as she encounters any flesh whatsoever. She worries nothing about being injured, working closer and grasping at the gem upon delivering her payload.

After a terrific struggle, soulless against the other debasement of the order of nature, the creature is pinned to the deck of the ship even as it sinks. Badger claws dig into greasy flesh and with a tear, the gem is pulled free. The creature slumps, life fled it, and the boat creaks mournfully, starting to sink beneath the waves under victorious feet.

Kilsa looks at her claws, "I really hope touching this creature isn't going to make me sick. Honeslty, I not sure weither to kiss that hare for leading us to treasure or kick him in the face for not mention that the couple turn in to a Creator damned monster!" She chuckles and scratches her head. "Bite! You have a spell that fixes boats or helps us walk on water?" She asks hopefully as the boat sinks.

Bite grumbles and snatches the gem up and says "Not at all. Unless you're feeling up to fixing this we're gonna have to swim for it, in that direction prefereably." She dives into the water and inspects the damage, looking for any way to salvage the ship, and spare them the price of a replacement.

Too much time has passed in the struggle. Half the ship has sunk in, leaving precious little place to even stand at this point. Land is difficult to spot in the darkness of night, compounding the dire situation.

Kilsa growls and give a silent prayer. "Swim ahead of me, I don't plan to burn all my energy just to get robbed the moment I hit land." She takes a drink of her dulling potions and uses her hammer to break a few planks to keep her afloat and a few extra for bite. "Have a plank if you need it."

Bite heads into the ship and takes everything of value that she can carry on ther person and comes up, placing it on a plank which she begins to carefully guide along. To her, even if she does get tired she now has extra motivation to keep going. This is worth money. "We'll make it, but i'm not losing this gem." she hisses and points towards where she is certain land is, given the ships last position.

Kilsa nods and leans on her plank. "You keep the gem on you for now. Folk expecting to rob us might go for the bigger gal first." She nods again sagely and hops in the water with her plank loaded up with all her weapons except her hammer. "Lets go.." She starts to paddle her way out to the last direction they were headed.

It is a long swim, but with the borrowed knowledge of the ancestors, and the water clan's own gift of calling the ocean home, they wash up onto the sandy shores. Tired, but alive. Squinting out in the distance from the beach, the ever faint sparkle of the light house can be seen in the far distance. It will be quite a hike back to town, but nothing they couldn't handle. The prize felt closer than ever before! If this gem has the secrets they desire, and if they can copy it...