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The Lost Ones fighting the group are pushed back slightly, Rainer's charge causing only a slight tumble from the Lost One before Thel's Axe smacks down on his helmet, causing a dent and making the Lost One stumble down to his feet as the Wolves make their escape. Lucasiel and the others managing their way back and away from the charging group, though the choice to stay out in the open proves hazardous as she notes five archers hopping from their tunnel, and begining to dash closer so they can have the group in range for their makeshift weapons! The other ten lost ones coming in hot on the groups trail, and it's clear the sooner that door is closed, the better.

Rainer isn't exactly strong, but he books it best he can under the weight of the older wolf. The lingering pain in his feet from those infernal hole-riddled floors hasn't gone away, either, and each footfall brings a wince to his face. He only gets a few paces into the adjoining hall before his feet slip out from under him as before when he tried to charge the Lost Ones, and he tumbles down face first, likely sending Theler for a bit of a roll as well.

Lucasiel snorts. It seems like the others would be making their way in short order, so Lucasiel promptly dismounts her spectral steed and steps through the doorway and hunkers down with her shield, ready to help block the door as soon as the wolves made it in. She didn't want to risk any of the Lost ones getting in before the door shut.

Thelergramor is only slightly disappointed that his axe didn't cleave the head in twain. Still, denting creator steel is kind of an accomplishment. As Rainer picks him up and runs him to the other room; the bleeding wolfs vision blurs. And probably bleeds on Rainer. When the younger wolf drops, Thel slams to the ground, rolls once and looks to the door. Is a bit dizzy, from both alcohol and blood loss.

Skade stands near the door, trying to keep out of line of sight of the archers. Ever so slowly, her lumbering crusher makes it's way towards the door as it closes. The fire wisp atleast, was expendable but the honey bee had spent quite some time putting her bit of animated creator technology together. It almost looks as if it wouldn't make it but finally, it charges through, hitting it's head with a loud CLANG on the closing door.

With a loud slam, and the hiss of the machinery, the door locks shut behind the group just before the Lost Ones could get to them. The hallways dark as the lights from behind were cut off, before an emergency bulb flickers on to light the area for them. The path ahead is straight forward it seems, ending in another door with 'ME---AL B-Y" written upon it, and a simple turning door knob to open it.

"Ugh, what happened?" Fenris groans, sitting up from the floor, "And why do I feel like Brutus blackback has been dancing on my skull?"

Rainer lays there with his eyes closed for the span of a dozen or so breaths, the fur of his shoulder and upper back matted and bloody, but at last he pushes to his hands and knees, crawling to close the short distance between himself and THelergramor. There, he shifts to a kneel and begins unwrapping the bandages around his forearms, setting straight to reapplying them around the gash on the other canid's torso. And if Theler is lucid enough to fight him over it, he'll find the pup rather forceful in his insistance.

Lucasiel glances over towards the 'medical bay' and lofts a brow under her helmet before leaning against the hallway wall with a sigh. "That was... More intense than I'd have liked. I enjoy a scrap as next as the much cat, but let's try to not pick any fights that we could avoid, alright? Now then... Is everyone alright? Any outstanding injuries that need immediate attention?" She asks as she starts moving towards the door.

Thelergramor coughs a couple times, looks at his wounds. "...Dammit." Somewhere in his booze addled mind, it clicks that he should be more careful and/or control his temper, among other things. He lets Rainer take care of the wound on his torso, while taking his scarf and tieing that around his thigh. Thel chuckles softly. "Thanks, Rainer." Then glances over to the other door. Can't make out the words. As lucasiel speaks, Thel laughs, gestures to the two remaining unattended wounds on his body. "Yeah, I'm still bleeding. Not needing immediate attention, though."

Skade makes a slight tsk-tsk sound as she reaches for some medical supplies. Kneeling down next to the tiny liger, the honey bee begins assessing the damage. "I'm not exactly medically trained but one of the hermits in the zzwamp swore by these herbzz.." she says as her slender fingers begin unwrapping a bandage that seems to be covered in moss. "Perhapzz there are better supplies in the medical bay but I'll wager good coin that it's already been looted."

Fenris waves Skade away. "I'm fine," he says, carefully standing and looking back at the sealed door, "Can't believe I was downed by one of the Lost, though." The liger shakes his head and starts carefully down the hall. "And I lost Quicksilver too!" he says sadly, walking toward the new door.

"Shut up." There's a certain quiver in Rainer's voice as he snaps at Thelergramor, hissing through his teeth, as if he'd been trying to whisper. Even using all the wrapping both arms have to offer, it's barely enough to get around a torso more than a few times, likely to be bled clear through in only minutes. "Just... -shut up-." One last tug, to ensure they're as tight as he can hope to get them, and then he's pulling Theler's arm over his shoulders so he can help him down the hall. No need to worry about the pup trying to pull him along too fast, at least, Rainer's got a bit of a limp, himself.

After casting a glance over her shoulder, Lucasiel turns the handle on the medical bay door and ease it open. Slowly, at first, while she tries to peek around inside before stepping in fully, keeping her axe and shield at the ready. She had no clue what else would be awaiting them.

Thelergramor chuckles again, though he says nothing. Just lets Rainer pull him along. Thel keeps his axe in hand; doesn't have anything to say; was told to shutup. So, he does. He looks around the room, doesn't see much to be done for the moment.

Skade nods to Fenris as she stands up. Shame to let the bandage go to waste and so, she wraps it around her own arm, seeing as she managed to get a scratch in the scrap. "Very well. Let's get moving then. This place hazz obviously had visitors before. I do not think we will be able to find anything of value left." the honey bee says as she moves towards the medical bay, her boulbous rear swaying behind her as she moves. Her crusher obediently follows behind.

As Lucasiel opens the door, she's greeted to a darkened room, that has multiple torches lining the walls, showering light for them to be able to see. The usual creator steel of the walls, has been covered with what looks like leather, and fur, insinuating the Lost Ones had centered about the room givin it's well, significance. Most curious though, is that it doesn't look horribly looted. Granted, the highly valuable creator artifacts were removed, but it's well stocked into bandages make from cloth and leather, and even tools made from bone! Needles, scalples, even a few more pieces that to any with experience in the field are used for pregnancies to help remove a child! Without a doubt, the group had sealed the Lost One's from their main route to this room, and given it's importance, they'd be working to get around it though it'd take some time, and with their own wounded...

Fenris ducks into the room and looks around. "Uh oh," he says, "We had better get moving." The tiny liger hops down into the room and hurries along, looking for a new door out. "Worst treasure hunt ever," he mutters.

Rainer shambles into the medical bay, brows knitting as he examines the decor. Lost Ones Central, it looks like... not that he'd know what Lost Ones Central would look like, considering he only saw these things for the first time a couple minutes prior, but if he had to guess... this would be it. "Hang on. Theler's gonna bleed out before we ever find our way outta here, at this rate." he calls to Fenris. "...and... much as it pains me to admit, I need something for my feet. I don't think I'd make it if we had to run again."

Lucasiel props the axe up on her shoulder as she steps into her room, humming. "Well. If we need more medical supplies... There are some in here. So if you're injured... I'm no medic, though, so that'll have to fall to someone else to use."

Thelergramor just keeps leaning on Rainer. "I'll be fine. Just a bit of blood. It's not like my leg's off." He snickers, continues: "You should wear shoes, Rainer." Thel glances around the room; surgical tools. "Hmm... Does look like they might have stuff here."

Skade briefly eyes the various instruments in the room. Not much is of use to her however, so the honey bee decides to help Lucasiel look for a way out. Perhaps the doorway is covered up by the furs..

They manage to find the 'doorway' rather easily, as it seems the orginal had been pulled from it's hinges, and only a fur covering concealed it! Beyond it, they're greeted to an... Interesting sight, of a store room filled with pieces of Creator Steel scrap metal, and another door like the one they shut on the Lost Ones just beyond that! The right side of the hall's wall however, seems a bit... Damaged? It's tilting in, and through one of the cracks at the top, a small beam of sunlight can be seen shining in along the roof!

Fenris is drawn up short by Rainer's words. "I am sorry," he says, shaking his head, "My mind was racing ahead." The little liger comes back and starts to scrounge for medical supplies to tend to Thelergramor. "I am a little rattled," he confesses, "I'm afraid that it sends me into escape mode." He passes a roll of bandages to Rainer. "Try wrapping your feet with that," he offers, "And I will see what I can do for Thel." He sets his attention on the wounded wolf.

Rainer fires off a glare at Theler, and without a word shrugs the other wolf off, leaving him to whatever fate his ability to balance himself has in store. "...It's alright." His voice is much gentler in addressing the liger, closer to his cheerful norm, though steeped in fatigue. "Sorry we couldn't get your golem out." Taking the bandages passed off to him, he sits on the floor and pulls up his feet, one at a time, wincing on inspection of them; his pawpads covered in grids of circular welts, some of which have formed into blisters, all of which have popped, likely during their escape. As he sets to bandaging his poor paws, he looks to Lucasiel and Skade, checking their progress.

Lucasiel glances over at Fenris for a moment and offers a little nod. "How're you doing there, anyway?" She asks now that she has the chance. "I was a little worried for you, for a moment! Glad to see you up and about already, though." That said, she sets about to look for her own way out, humming. "If nothing else... Maybe we can try the way we came?"

Thelergramor shrugs, then drops a bit to give Fenris a way to reach his wounds. Lets Fenris do whatever he's going to do as he's sure it will help. Though, in his drunken confusion, he points out to Fenris: "Heh. You're small." He laughs, harder than he should at that comment. Ends up laying down on his back. "...Ow." Pain.

Skade eyes the damaged wall with some curiocity. "I think we might be able to break through here, if we wanted to. What do you think? A good bash and it'd come crumbling down." the bee says as she puts her face closer to peer out of one of the cracks. Taking a step back, she motions her crusher forwards. One slam from the metal construction and it might be enough..

Skade couldn't be any more lucky, or perhaps right. Her crusher's attempt to slam into the wall yielding a nice lovely gap at the top now, as it seems the metal ways already weak! Her peek outside, affronts her with a sight of one of the smaller side trails of the mountain, roughly a mile or so down from where they had met their employers!

"I will be fine, Lucasiel," Fenris assures the warrior, "Just a lucky hit." The tiny liger pulls taut one last bandage on Thelergramor. "Very observant, Thel," he says, brushing aside the comment, "That ought to keep you together until we can get out of here." The tiny feline leaves the wolf to get back to his feet and grins at Skade's success as he walks over to look at the small horde of Creator scrap. "Lets see if I can't scavenge something here," he says, taking a moment to root around.

Rainer casts aside the remainder of the bandage roll once he's bound his feet to his satisfaction, getting up and testing his handiwork by shifting his weight side to side and taking a few uncertain steps. The nod he gives himself, on conclusion of all this, suggests the padding goes a long way to alleviating his discomfort, and the wolf proceeds to wander over to one of the walls, tugging experimentally on the leather hangings. "If no one minds, I'm gonna snag a few of these. Know someone that ought to be able to put 'em to good use. ...They're not made from people, you don't think? ...Nah, couldn't be."

Lucasiel looks over towards Rainer and frowns a little as she approaches the newly made opening, thankful for the fresh air. "Good to hear, mister Fenris. And they very well might be. I mean, I may be wrong... But I'm pretty sure there aren't many wild animals that happen to live around in the ruins that the Lost could skin for such... Aside from other beings, hmm? Unless they go out hunting pretty far."

"Thank you, Fenris." Thel chuckles again, sits up, stands. Wobbly. The wolf looks over the fur and leather covered walls. "Could be beings fur. Which, uh, is a resource like any other." He shrugs. "Makes sense, really. Or, uh, maybe. What the fuck is a Lost?" The wolf gestures back toward where they came from. "Beside that; how we getting out of here?"

Skade eyes the opening and then the scraps of creator metal. It certanly was tempting to get out of this nightmare but then again.. it wasn't often she found parts that she could use to upgrade her machines just lying around. "We should be able to get out thizz way." the honey bee says, motioning towards the newly created opening before wandering off to see if there might be a piece or two of anything to salvage for herself.

The metal itself is dented, torn, and hardly what could be considered valuable. Seems the Lost Ones used this pile as a scrap 'reject' so to say... However, just below the metal, they find a small hole dug into the damaged section of the floor, where a good deal of considerably valuable gems were buried, jackpot! Less of a recet pile as it comes down to it, and probably more of someone's personal stash!

Any joy on the thoughts of their discovery are short lived as well, as Fenris and Skade would begin to hear the sounds of metal on metal heading their way, along with the shouts of that same gutteral language! Seems the Lost had indeed managed a way around, and were making their way for the group... And as if to further complicate the matter, the emergency door's switch, was on the -other- side of the door, and judging from how clean and undamaged this one looked, it wouldn't take -nearly- as long to close.

"The lost," Fenris says, "Are a tribe, or maybe tribes, of beings who went down into the undertunnels and never came back up." His head snaps in the direction of the new sounds as he quickly pockets his find. "Everyone out!" he calls, mustering as much authority into his voice as a liger the size of a house cat can do, "We are in no condition to fight!" The tiny feline hurries over and helps Thel to his feet as much as he can, pushing the wolf toward the egress that Skade had made. "Go!" he shouts!

"Eyuuh!" And right to the floor go the handful of hangings he'd pulled down by the time Lucasiel had warned him off the idea. Rainer shakes his hands at the wrists as if he could hope to so easily dispel them of whatever taint they may have picked up from contact with the hides, and promptly makes his way for the opening. "...I'm so done with this place." Rather than taking his leave of the place, though, he lingers next to the hole to daylight, waiting on the others, ears stiffening and head turning to the sound of the Lost's approach. "Hey, you're not staying behind to try and slow 'em this time, Fen! Y'know how that worked out last time!"

Lucasiel whirls around to narrow her eyes at the sound. "Yes, we're leaving," she says, bringing up her shield again and dropping into a ready stance. "I'm not staying behind, but I will bring up the rear. I have not been injured yet, so you lot get going. I'm going to make sure they don't reach you." She ushers the group along with haste, so that she may properly take up the rear guard.

Thelergramor lets Fenris help him up, after swaying heavily and nearly falling again. "Right. Out we go..." Thel tries to pickup Fenris to help the little guy escape. Whether Fenris allows this or not, Thel moves toward the escape hole that Skade made.

Skade give one last forlorn look at her trusty crusher. Gently, she gives the metal monstrocity a pat. "You will have to stay here and guard the retreat my old friend." she says with a hint of sadness in her voice as she directs it to stand right by the door, ready to give anyone who enters a good ol' fist in the face. And with that, she makes her way out.

It doesn't take long for the first two lost scouts to round into view, dashing forward full pace, though it'd take them a good deal to reach them still, allowing everyone the opportunity to escape still.

As Skade makes her way outside though, she finds it's a short drop, letting her turn back to see that indeed, the entire section of wall was exposed to the outside, and could be crushed away if need be!

Skade hops out, letting her insect wings fill the air with a distinct droning sound as she flies out a bit to survey the wall properly. Shouldn't take much to bring the already weakened structure down. Aided by the hot, arid air around her, she begins to weave the very first mathemagical fire spell she learned, aiming the fiery explosion straight at the weak part of the wall.

Hopefully the group wasn't too close, but Skade's spell successfully manages to blow a very decently large sized hole in the wall for the group, or anyone to escape through! Still, time was of the essence!

"I know! I know!" Fenris calls, slapping Thelergramor's hands away, "No one is staying behind. Just move!" Satisfied that the wolf is back on his unsteady feet, the Liger trots into the next passage, looking at the hole to the outside and the heavy door barring further exploration. "Rainer!" He calls, "get that idiot wolf out of here!" He is not sure if the monstrous lost will follow them out into the daylight, but it does not look like there is any way to stop them if they should try.

Rainer turns away from the blast, shielding his face with an arm, peeking back cautiously once things have settled a bit over there. "...C'mon." he murmurs with a sideways look to Theler, hopping down and turning right around to catch the other mutt when he drops.

Lucasiel frowns a little to see the crusher left behind, but as soon as the others are out, she starts to making her own way out through the hole that was made. She was eager to get back into the open air and out of the stifling halls.

Thelergramor nods to Rainer. "Yeah... Let's go." He glances back for only a moment, then follows the others who went out. The wolf drops down; letting Rainer catch him, which is quite necessary; he fell in a way that would have him land face down.

Skade meanwhile looks for the quickest path out of there. "Hurry it up over there!" she calls out as she surveys the landscape for an easy climb up to safety.

As the group begins to exit, Skade would catch a glimmer from beneath the shade of a fallen rock, before two arrows whizz through the air at the group, targeting Lucasiel and Rainer it seems! As if summoned then, three armored Lost Ones with swords and shields emerge from the shadow of the rock, charging forward, with a thick metal band aiding in keeping their eyes covered. Seems that they had exited out of a small hole they'd use for hunting at night, after all, they can't cannabalize each other 24/7!

The Lost Ones running down the hall are alot closer now, the two scouts within arms reach of the crusher, as an even greater amount of Lost Ones can be seen beyond them, closing in fast on the group! They didn't seem happy that the birthing ceremonial chamber was violated by the 'outsiders' at all!

Fenris looks back, ears flicking at the sounds of pursuit. The tiny liger knew that their little goup could not handle a fight on two fronts in their current condition! He makes a quick and probably stupid decision worthy of even Thelergramor's bad judgement, lunging forward to throw the switch for one more emergency door!

Rainer grunts with the impact of the falling lupine against him, and it very nearly succeeds in dragging him down to the ground as well, a last second shift of his leg the only thing that keeps them both upright, in the end. Though he shakes his head, the slightest hint of a smile begins to creep up his muzzle, and becoming aware of it the pup is quick to force a frown back into place. Just this once, Rainer... stay mad! He's earned it! His ear then begins to spasm, alerting him to the sound of sharp pointy death whizzing towards his head, and he shoves Theler off, "Excuse me." Whipping around, he grabs onto a sword and swings it out, turning the broad of the blade and intercepting the incoming arrow like a baws, steel bouncing off steel with a satisfying ptwang!

Lucasiel gives a flick of her ears as she whirls around and brings up the kite shield to deflect the incoming arrow. "Looks like we'll have a fight on her hands after all!" She hadn't actually gotten a chance to hit anything yet! And so, she tries to remedy that in a swift and direct manor, hefting her axe and trying to slam it down on one of the nearby Lost.

Thelergramor coughs a bit, dizzy as all hell from the slight drop. Then blinks several as Rainer deflects an arrow. "...I need to learn how to do that..." Thel then looks to the Lost, and, noting they are archers, figures it may be a good idea to close the distance. Thus, Thel takes his sword-rapier from his belt and charges the Lost. A humorous sight, probably, given he can barely walk straight. He swings his blade for one of the lost; aiming for the neck.

Skade lands at a nearby ledge. Of COURSE there would be more of the degenerates out here. She briefly considers sending a gout of flame their way but when she sees Thelgramore join the fray she merely gives off a little sigh. He seems more likely to get himself killed then doing anything else at the state he's in. Reaching into her pockets, she pulls out a small, egg-shaped device and points it at the wolf. Normally she'd hasitate to use such fancy items but.. maybe no one was looking her way.

Thelergramor is greeted with a soothing sensation as Skade's Sacred Doctor begins to knit his wounds slightly as he gets a lucky shot in that kills the Lost One he had Charged. Lucasiel's own attack causes her assailant to crumple to the ground dead as well. The Archers themselves appear from the shadows, drawing their weapons to join the remaining lost one in his charge forward!

Fenris' antics are indeed fruitful, as the Crusher quite literally well... Crushes, the two scouts, the Liger in unaposed as he pulls the switch. A shrill howl rising as the remaining alarms that still worked began to let out their cries, the door slamming shut almost instantly as a booming creator voice begins to speak loudly. "FIRE RISK. CONTAINMENT [TASKING] 123.98 B ACTIVATED. ALL [CREATORS] VACAT TO SAFETY ROOMS." The Big voice aparantly even startling the charging lost ones whom still in their tracks and look rather fearful at what was going on back in their home!

Fenris sighs, finding himself on the wrong side of the hastily dropped door. He wishes he knew where the safety rooms were. If they were actually safe. The liger reaches for his belt and activates his divine shield, a soft bubble of blue light springing up around him before settling down in a meditation pose.

Rainer considers tripping Thelergramor when he sees the wounded hound preparing to charge, but comes to the conclusion that in all likelihood he'd just end up impaled on his own sword somehow. Instead, he brings his other blade to bear and follows shortly behind, ready to leap in and parry any counter-attack, which... proves unnecessary! Bonus! His head turns for a moment at what sounds like something important being said, loudly, in the structure behind them, but something more urgent occurs to him when his gaze crosses back to the battlefield. Theler, Lucasiel, Skade... "...Fenris! -Dammit-!"

Lucasiel brings her axe back up and slams it down into the body of the Lost one again, just to make sure it stays down before she whirls back around to bring her shield back up, to defend against those archers. "What? He got stuck inside? Damn cat... He's as bad as Thel, I swear."

Thelergramor looks back, noting that Fenris is indeed gone. Rainer and Lucasiels words help him realize that quicker, instead of looking around for him. The wolf turns back towards the next enemy, tries to stay in a defensive stance while advancing toward him. Calls back to the others: "...We'll help Fenris once these ones are dead!"

Fire. There was so much fire to draw from in this place. Skade didn't have much trouble summoning a fire wisp to her side. Quick as she can, she sends it after those pesky archers. "We have to get out of here! Can Fenris find his own way back, maybe? Or we could perhaps just.. open the door for him." she shouts.

Skade's whisp does wonderful work indeed, igniting the two archers easily, as more Lost Ones begin to escape from that hidden tunnel, staying out of the reach of that whisp for the moment as they seem to be fanning out, trying to circle up the Adventurers should they dally, and let this chance to flee slip by them!

Rainer keeps looking back and forth between the Lost currently engaging them and the opening in the ruin, lips curling back and exposing his teeth and gums. Despite Theler's call to arms he stays put, quickly spotting the reinforcements starting to move into position. "We're out of time." One last, lingering look towards the hole, in hopes that the liger might at last come running from it, then he turns away and starts for an opening in the lines. "If we don't go now, we'll -all- be trapped!"

Lucasiel snorts again and starts to take her leave, bringing her axe back down and around towards one of the Lost trying to block them in on her way. "We can circle back around and go in through the start, try to find him that way," she growls out as she tries to distance herself.

Thelergramor growls, swinging his blade for one of the nearby Lost before backing away. "...Alright. Need to retreat then, yes? Dammit..." The wolf, against his usual bad judgement, moves with his allies; looking for an escape.

Skade decides it was definetly time to get out of there. Fenris seemed like the sort who could take care of himself anyway. And in worst case scenario, he was tiny enough to be able to hide well until he can escape. With that, she takes off. Straight upwards seemed like the best choice to the honey bee, her wings beating furiously as she rises into the air.

There's plenty an opportunity for the group to escape at the moment it seems, a big enough hole for them to run through, that'd lead them down back towards the main road. Skade's ascent affording her own escape, easily allowing her to bypass all the running that's about to take place.

With the whole place stirred up like a hive of angry Skrick there's no way the four of them could hope to just come right back and expect to not get overrun, but Rainer doesn't bother to point it out. Not now, at least. They can debate the matter of what to do next once they're out of danger. He's grim-faced throughout the run, consumed by thoughts of all manner of grizzly end that Fenris may have already met ... and how Sally's going to react when she gets the news.

Running was for athletes and people that weren't essentially mobile mountains of metal. Lucasiel certainly wasn't feeling like it, but she does start at a brisk jog til she's far enough away to mount up properly again. Which, as soon as the steed comes to her side, she does. She lets the unnatural mount do the rest of the work, spurring her way back towards the original meeting point.

Thelergramor runs off after the others; though he stumbles drunkenly several times. Manages to, somehow, keep up with the others, though he is undeniably at the back of the group, following behind them and trying not to fall over.

The Lost Ones don't seem too entirely key on following, instead retreating back as it seems with exception to hunting, they arn't big fans of running out and chasing down people. The group left then with only the task of checking back in with the brothers, whom amid tired apologies, see them paid, and begin to make their own plans to hopefully have the Liger rescued!