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The Air Ship cut in through the treacherous mountains as the sun begins to set, casting it's amber glow around the country side as the adventurers are left to wait for the ship to dock. Thankfully, the docking takes little time, and soon enough the group is ushered out into what appears to be a make shift fort, built right where they had cleared not too long ago... Large walls serving to block out the lethal denziens of the heavily forested path, and a few basic buildings residing for the workers and 'guards'. In the center of the makeshift camp, near the nations flag, stood Varlin Blackback. The noble skunk having clad himself with a thick chainmail jacket, with an ornate coat covering it. His spectacles resting slightly down his snout as he toys with the handle of his saber slowly. "Well... Any moment now I do suppose... Good the ship is punctual in the least."

Fenris arrives undisguised today. As much fun as it is to make up new aliases, it is nice to see and be seen as yourself now and then. The liger shakes his short white mane and stuffs his hands into the pockets of his long, dark coat as he saunters toward the center of the camp. "Hello, Lord Blackback," he says amiably, "What excitement do you have planned for us today?"

Cassidy folds her hands behind her back, waiting for the ship to come to a rest as she smiles up at Natska. "This is such a fascinating place, don't you think? To imagine... All these dangerous creatures, not too far from our home!" She chuckles softly and brushes off the sleeve of her deep violet tailcoat before propping her hand on the grimoire hanging from her hip.

Natska nods her head. The jaguar is wearing a dress similar to one of Cassidy's, a heavier garment in crimson and black, and she has her book of math in hand as she goes over her reference equations a few last times. "I know. I am not sure if they have anything that compares to the bone dragons, but they are certainly something!" She bows her head to Varlin as she exits the ship. "We are here. Do they attack each night?"

Cirra herself is dressed more subtly than normal, in her oilskin jacket over her typical wetsuit. Her Aranian affiliation is obvious, though, with the emblem of the Order. A menacing sabre hangs at her belt, though those who know her know that it's her magic that makes her dangerous. She waves and joins Cassidy and Natska, wondering what the job will be like.

Thelergramor lugs his heavy weapons along with him. CAnnon, guisarme, other stuff... Shirtless as he tends to be. Wearing a hood/mask thing that resembles the hood of a ghillie suit. Walks over and speaks to Cassidy and Natska: "Bone dragons aren't that bad. Hope they have something worse here." Bravado. For the ladies, of course. Turns to Cirra. "Cirra." And Fenris: "Fenris." Having spoken, he gets ready to be told what to do.

Surabhi offers a quiet, enigmatic smile as she fastens her straps and buckles, peers into the scenery below. Such a fascinating, pristine environment,full of flora and fauna that had survived for centuries without them...and here they were, coming to lay waste to it all. Ah well, It's what the Stronghearts had done when Promise was truly wild and Sweetwater was but a mere village along the eponymous river. Only fitting that she's here now.

A long, drooping ear flops at Thelergramor's words. "No greetin' for me, Wolf?" she asks with a chuckle, tucking her coif into her padded uniform. "Just because I'm a couple years older than the average Freesword doesn't mean I can't still run with y'all." With that, she begins sorting through a kit bag full of medical supplies, humming an old work song to herself.

"I'd rather not think about what would occur, should these creatures make contact with our homes... It is better to have them sealed off here thanks to the mountains." Varlin's voice coming slow and smooth as he reaches up to push his spectacles up to sit higher. "If we didn't need resources for a colonization effort, I'd have ordered it burned to the last tree before starting over... But, as we shall need these resources, we must sadly do this the hard way." The Noble skunk walking to the walls, as he motions the group to follow him before coming to a stop at the gates.

"As for if they attack every night? Yes. Yes they do. Those whom were here last time may remember those eight legged insectoid creatures? Well, it appears they were children of sorts. Meaning, that yes there are much, much larger ones out there... We found a larger beast carcass entombed in thick web like substance during one of our scouting missions, if you wanted a better idea." The noble's hand motioning to one of the mercenaries, whom brings him a bright torch. "As for what I wish you to do? We have knowledge of a nest, and if my scout is to be believed, there may be something I want in that nest. Now, I cannot take my guards and go, but... I can hire a group of body guards, or retrival experts I suppose. As such, that is where you lot come in. You shall accompany me, we shall kill some of the bastards, burn their nests, and see if what is hidden is what I seek."

Fenris frowns a little at the description of the job. "What exactly is it you are after here, Lord Blackback?" he asks, "What resources are out here that can't be found without all of this. . . hardship?" Obviously not the word he is thinking. The liger gives a friendly nod to all the familiar faces.

Cassidy smiles at Cirra and offers her a nod before following after Varlin. "Well. Sounds fine to me! Just point us at it, and we'll handle whatever comes our way," she says with a nod before giving Thel a frown and little else. "Going to go with a magical approach today, love? Let's see what kind of things we can manage!"

"Yes. Yes, I am, as you had suggested," Natska replies to Cassidy, exchanging greetings with the other Freeswords as well as they approach the gates. Once there she fishes a piece of crystal, etched with math, and focuses for a few moments; moistures begins condensing around it out of the air until she releases it, and her own elemental of floating ice begins floating behind the jaguar.

Cirra waves to Thelergramor, sliding part of her gloves away to reveal two of her signature spells, with the third on a bracelet on her wrist. She looks over to the Skunk, tilting her head. she guesses that these things will be big and hard to fight. It's been a while since she's had a good fight.

Thelergramor shrugs at Surabhi. "Didn't mean any disrespect. Don't know you. Besides, I'm older than a few of these people. I think." At 24 years of age, is at least older than Cassidy! A tiny victory. Whom frowned at him. Gestures dismissively at his captain and nods at Cirra. Looks back to the skunk. "Right. Just walk in, butcher and burn the nest? Easy enough. Or it should be." It's never that easy...

Surabhi's dewlap exaggerates the frown on her Bovine muzzle somewhat as Varlin speaks of burning the place to the ground. Beings are residents of this planet, not owners, and the planet had a tendency to repay overreaching with wrath. Ah well. That's why she came along--to keep everyone alive, safe, and in line. "Fair enough. Name's Surabhi Strongheart, and I'll treat ya to some Strongheart Stout once we come back from our little sortie," she replies, extending a hand to the battered Wolf. She chuckles at his words. "Suppose it's more 'simple' than 'easy,' as it were."

"New wood, rare wood to say the least. Sturdier than most of what we have, not to mention rich stone deposits that are more than probable to contain ore, with the final resource being new plant life we could use in medicine and the like." The Noble Skunk pounding on the gate, as two men above begin to push the gates open for the group.

"As for what I seek, well... A little whisper of wind told me of a treasure up around here, an old creator earth shaper that could be used to great extent by us. If such a machine -does- exsist here, well... I do not believe I need to expand on how valuable a find it would be for our nation aye?" Varlin looking back at the group, before he steps out into the cluster of trees before the group, his torch lighting the dense area around him as the shadows flicker and dance, and nothing appears to stay still as he moves. "Come then, the nest is not far... And if we are lucky, we may catch them when they do not expect us."

Fenris follows after in quiet contemplation, though he does let slip a little chuckle at Surabhi's mention of her age. "An earth mover?" he asks, "Not like the big mining machine from Shralesta?" The liger had seen that thing in action in the brief skirmish with Ishara and it was a frightening power. He falls silent though, as they move away from the camp, all senses on high alert for danger.

Cassidy flashes a grin at that. "An earthshaper, huh? That does indeed sound like quite a find! Well, if I wasn't in before, I certainly am now! We were just having a discussion about Creator stuff earlier," she says with a nod to Natska. "Let's see how it turns out!"

Natska listens, her ears perked. She doesn't add anything, though, following with the group and keeping an eye on the woods around them, fingers tracing the silver inlay along her book's cover.

Cirra notes taht their group is awfully magic heavy, but she doesn't mind. Means more awesome for her to experience She follows behind quietly, shrugging. She keeps her eyes peeled for danger, noting that she'd be ready for Creator Tech if they ran into it.

Thelergramor shakes the offered hand quickly, shrugs afterward and answers Surabhi again. "Not busy later. Can do that probably." Turns back to the rest. "So, an earthshaper? More unnecessarily complicated creator shit we'd be better off breaking? Fun." His opinion given, the wolf chuckles. "But, you're in charge here, Blackback." Yawns and follows after the others; trying to remember what he loaded his cannon with. If he even did... Definitely did.

"An earthmover, hmm? Imagine what it could do for agriculture..." Surabhi murmurs to herself, giving a curious glance to Thel. "Ha! You try breaking your back on the homestead for a month, then tell me we're better off breaking it," she scoffs at the Wolf. "Still an' all, Creator tools do have a way of goin' awry, don't they? I've just started learnin' of their...technology. Between this an' Soullessness, seems there's a lot for me to learn lately." The big old ears flap again, as she looks over to the liger, curiously. "Hmm?"

The walk, is rather winding and dizzying as the group at times almost seem to take multiple circles before finally the trees around them are slowly becoming covered in thick strands of a sticky webing. Varlin moving to extinguish his torch, as he caps it and sets it in his coat, holding a hand up as he lowers his voice. "Quiet now... The cave is only a bit ahead... We don't want to give ourselves away too early." Sure enough, with what light remains, the group soon comes to see the entrance to a cave in the side of one of the mountains, a large almost carriage sized spider standing guard almost as it scurries about, not having noticed the group yet... Though with it's rate of skittering, if they were silent enough they -could- possibly sneak in behind it...

Fenris breathes deeply of the night air and carefully applies a bit of air and earth magic, willing the ground to be soft and silent beneathe the party's feet and keeping them up wind from the beast before padding quickly and quietly toward the cave. <Here goes!> he signs to his comrades with a bright grin in the darkness. If he can make it in undetected, that will be one more little edge.

Cassidy reaches up to adjust her mask before nodding, placing a single gloved finger over the smile of her mask in compliance to the request for silence. Knowing full well that she makes no footstep sounds, she doesn't worry about it too much, beyond making sure she doesn't open her mouth.

Natska frowns for a moment, making a small motion with her hands. <I'd rather take it out and not leave it behind us...> but she follows Cassidy's lead in quietly skirting around the entrance, wrapping herself in silent air rustling the foliage in the opposite direction.

Cirra's not the best at tactics, so leaves the planning up to the others. If someone starts shooting at her or one of her teammates starts shotting, then she'll join the fray. For now, she knows she can't do stealth So she attempts to do like the others and cloak herself in air.

Thelergramor follows on after the rest, quietly. Or, trying to be. With the stealthiness. Stays low and all that. Knows sign language, barely. Thinks Fenris said 'Go here'. Gestures back: <Go where?> And readies his cannon. Having been kind of given an order by a superior, does of course follow the order and goes... over there... There being the same place Cassidy and Natska went.

Surabhi hangs towards the back--as an armored, hefty Zebu who's never been light on her feet, she's well aware she's not one for stealth. Still, she keeps relatively close to the group, waiting until they've need of a defender...or someone to patch these damn fools up once they charge into the fray. She frowns for a moment at the gestures between the fellows up ahead, before a moment of recognition. Sign language! And of all the things she studied, she never bothered to learn it. She frowns at herself in the dim flickering light, though there's probably no one to see it...

The group appears to make it behind the large creature with relative ease, Varlin following behind them all with his sword drawn before ducking into one of the corners of the cave. The Cave itself is dark, almost pitch dark, save for some glowing fungus that provide natural illumination as the group finds coccoons of web, shaped to fit a being inside. Each deceptevly hollow to the touch, save for the feeling of bone near the center. Seems the spiders had been gathering whomever they could, for a quick and easy meal...

Farther down the path, the cave begins to twist and turn, and the begining of egg sacks can be seen, as well as the sound of scurrying from numerous large creatures... Luckily, it appeared the spiders didn't have their nests too far down below the mountain.

Fenris frowns at the discovery of the being-shaped lunch boxes. Suddenly he feels much less conflicted about burning these things. <Now What?> he signs, <Carry on?>

Cassidy, likewise, frowns at the sight and shakes her head before reaching up to adjust her hat. It's dark, but she's just able to make out Fenris' gesture in the light of the mushrooms. After looking over her shoulder to ensure that Natska and the others were still around, she nods at Fenris and tucks her hands behind her back.

<Burn them all on the way out,> Natska offers. She sticks close to Cassidy's side, her elemental backing the two ladies up.

<Afraid I can't burn them, sorry. I could try to scour them from the face of the earth, though.> Cirra offers in sign, summoning a wisp of her own.

Thelergramor doesn't know what to make of the bonesacks. Pokes one. Or, well, presses on it. Yep. That's bone. Signs at the group; who are likely not even looking at him: <Not fleshy fleshy bits. Will burn them.> Thel is bad with sign language... Meant, 'bones' clearly. Doesn't set fire to it yet, as got the 'on the way out' part. Just follows the others, despite hating that they're leaving an enemy at their back...

This dead silence just felt like rubbing it in. Once they were out of range of the initial behemoth, Surabhi tightens her two-handed grip on her sledgehammer and in an irritated, low half-whisper, calls out: "Y'know, we ain't all hand-talkers here--anyone mind lettin' me know what's goin' on?"

Varlin seems to stop as the group comes to a momentary stand still, looking between them, and the sound of skittering as he motions forward, before lowering his voice to Surabhi. "Sounds ahead, possibly many of them. I may have no issue fighting, but I do have one for fighting by myself. So, if we dont press on, they'll walk back onto us." The skittering stopping for a moment, before the sound of chittering can be heard, and then slowly enough the skittering resumes, though this time it'sheading closer... The vague sight of multiple spider like bodies skittering closer is barely recognizable, giving the freeswords the option to either try and duck and hide in a corner, press an attack, or get caught out in the open!

"Here we go then!" Fenris says quietly, laying his hands on the floor of the cave, "Make it quick!" The liger focuses his concentration on the floor of the cave, keeping it firm and level for his friends, but causing a field of sucking mud for the foul spider beasts before hurrying down the hallway into the inevitable fray!

Cassidy raises her brow as Fenris starts the assault. "Well, miss. It looks like it is time to get dangerous, then." She makes no telling gestures or comments, this time, but instead puts into action a spell to light several of the spiders aflame at once.

Natska's hand waves to the side and her elemental moves in front of her, the ice construct spinning around before spraying a fan of ice into the horde of spiders; for her part, Natska begins working on her math, and the tunnel fills with swirling snow and bitter cold - although it seems to be tightly controlled, and focused on the spider-monsters.

The nurse shark sees the spiders, and focuses on the spell in her left hand. It's not her best, but it should shred the spiders. The spell would also leave her allies untouched. As she starts to focus on it, the water in the air coalesces into icy daggers in the shape of Shark's Teeth, which Cirra then flings at her enemies.

Thelergramor does a thing before anyone else gets into the AoE of his spell. Gets all dark magicky up in this bitch. With the entropic fortune. REally enjoys that spell. Focusing and such on the spiders; just wants to watch them bleed. Or kill each other. Which, he then just glares at them, all basilisk like. Gets all his petrifying gaze on them spiders.

As everyone opts to face down the spiders, she shrugs and shoulders her way to the front of the pack. "Sorry, pardon, don't mind me, just saving y'alls hides here," she calls with a smirk, stepping out in front and crouching, shield at the ready, waiting to deal with any of those eight-legged bastards, should they survive the onslaught from afar.

The tunnel becomes a flurry of snow and ice, mixing with Cassidy's fire spell as the spiders are further locked into place by Fenris' spell! Thel's spell manages to cause two to begin fighting, though as the flurry of magic scours the hall, all that is left behind is five large spider corpses with burnt carapices, and chunks of ice sticking out of them. The spider they had left at the rear doesn't seem to have noticed, fortunatly enough for the group that is... As right now, the path into the main chamber appears to be open, at least until more possibly show up...

Not one for hanging about, Fenris dashes lightly to the main chamber, dodging to one side to make room for the others and to avoid presenting too great a target. The liger quickly scans the room for threats, trusting his friends to keep up.

Cassidy smiles a little as the spiders are rapidly dispatched before she moves off after Fenris. "That wasn't so bad. But I imagine it'll only get harder," she murmurs as she moves after the liger, her steps still devoid of sound.

Natska watches for a moment, then gives her head a small nod. The jaguar falls into place behind Cassidy, the intensity of the swirling snow and wind lessening but not completely dissapating as she keeps her spell running. The ice elemental falls in behind her, spent shards reforming. "We have overwhelming strength. I like that. They don't stand a chance."

Cirra sighs, calming down from her spell before casting a spell at herself and Sarubhi, noting the zebu seems more physical and therefore more likely to be injure by threats. It's her own version of Calcified flesh, but she hopes it will help.

Thelergramor should not have been trusted to keep up; fully intended to kill the one they left behind them. But... Decides that's a bad idea and follows the others. "Damn right, Natska!" Still doesn't know what his cannon is loaded with! Hopes it's a carpet bombing round... Isn't sure! Takes up a position next to Cirra.

Surabhi knows the feel of earth magic well--having been a student of it ever since she became soulless--er, 'gifted'--but given her role today, she's not able to do such, and she's grateful for the help. "Thanks!" she calls behind her, not entire sure whose idea it was, though she grumbles as Fenris races past her--wasn't that the lad who nearly got himself killed in Shanty Town? No wonder! "I swear, you Freeswords have no sense self-preservation!" she can be heard to murmur as she struggles to keep up, laden down with armor and shields and...well, her own bulk. "Well, for those of you who value yer health and limbs, try and stay behind my shield, would you?"

As the group enters into the main chamber, Varlin follows with, sword in hand as he looks around. "Well. Good to see we have the power to turn a cave to an arctic cellar, that should hopefully be usefull---" The Noble Skunk's voice falling short, as infront of them is a tavern sized variation of a Earthshaper, placed upon two large track like devices, with a single large and immaculate looking tunneling drill, along with numerous heavy set scorchers along the drill as well... Perfect for cutting into the mountain.

Strangely enough, there is a -distinct- lack of eggs around the main chamber, though in a tunnel right before the drill is a small passage way where the drill had been last digging, absolutely -filled- with the bulging egg sacks of hundreds upon hundreds of those disgusting creatures. "Creator's preserve me, we found it... They -weren't lying to me, this is magnificent!" The noble skunk laughing as he dashes forward and begins to climb into what appears to be a control center for the device. "Someone take a look and see what is wrong with it, will you? It looks almost immaculate!"

True enough, the entirety of the device is barely even scratched... Hell, one would think it didn't even get to drill in far. A quick eye could tell why, as a small panel on the back is dented in, with bits of black wires hanging out... Something had sabotaged it most likely, but all that is around is just these spider things right?

Fenris looks around, and seeing that things look safe enough, he quickly and quietly swaps out his soul gems for something less combat oriented. Something about this place is awfully off putting. The liger hops lightly onto the machine and starts to look over the broken panel. What might have caused this sort of selective damage?

Cassidy leans back, eyeing the machine over before taking a position next to Natska. "Well. Don't look at me. I'm not so good with the creator stuff at the moment. So I'll just sit over here, to the side, and let you lot work. I'll deal with any distractions that pop up, too, I suppose."

Natska nods her head, eyeing the large digger; she moves over to the tunnel to peek in, then glances around the larger, clear chamber. "I'm ready to start torching these things..."

Cira moves over to the digger to join Fenris. <May I help? I might not be as skilled, but I do knwo some of the rituals and upkeep if you're willing to allow a second pair of hands.>

Thelergramor responds to Surabhi: "Exactly." Then, squints at the machine from within his hood/mask. "I'd offer to help, but, doubt it'd help." Mumbles to himself: "....Don't want to see that thing working anyway..." Uninteligible grumbles follow. "I'm just gonna go watch for things that need to die with Cassidy." Whistles and walks over to where she is. Watches for 'things that need to die'.

Surabhi fumbles about in her kitbag for a moment--she knew she brought it along--dammit--ah! Here! She swaps out soul gems, in order to better examine the chamber they found themselves in. There seemed to be enough people studying the device...and standing guard...but why was it so...empty in here? These excursions never went peacefully, and for all the spiders' debris elsewhere...why would this room, deeper than any other, be safe?

To Fenris, the cavern would definantly appear strange. The stone had to have been carved out long before even the Earthshaper got here, and without much in the way of water, one could only guess how such a big chamber had come to be, but even attesting it to the ruins of those whom came before was harsh, as it was far too degraded for that at this point, no whatever had carved this out had done so possibly before even they had come to power. To Surabhi though, the answer seemed almost a bit more obvious, as small indentures along the walls seemed to hint to a type of creatures yet unseen, though given the amount of new life in this valley that didn't seem to surprising, but deep under some of the dust, most strangely, is the etchings of some of the spirit's symbols, corrupt and life court side beside for some reason...

As Fenris and Cirra work on repairing the systems, through a mixture of some luck, and good ol' knowledge there is a single spark and the sound of machinery whirling to life inside of the large device. "HA! Good job! Now we'll crush these eggs, and than drill our way out! Now just let me find the lever..." The Noble Skunk giving his best educated guess as he pressed buttons for a moment, until the giant machine kicked to life and lurched forward! The drill spinning rapidly as the air filled with the shrill shriek of metal and laser ripping into the stone, which coincidentally sent those numerous egg sacks out in a gorey mist as it crashes into it. "FUCK YOU BASTARDS! Now... How to reverse, no... No that's not it..." Varlin moving about frantically in the control box, trying to put the device into reverse, as suddenly there is a horrible sounding crack, and the drill comes to a dead stop... The gears straining as it fights whatever is holding it in place, before the entirety of the building sized Earth Shaper is slowly pushed back -OUT- from it's drilling, a single large and disgustingly pale draconoid hand sending it back before with a creaking sound, the machine ends up being flipped upon it's side, the drill stopping as it dies there. The rubbel of the hole clears slowly as a gargantuan creature that appeared to be a mixture between a dragon, a newt, and a snake all wrapped up into one crawls it's way out and into the chamber.

It's eyeless head seems to look around for a moment, the beast easily able to reach the height of a watch tower, with a bulk of powerful muscle to match. The beast's mouth was a twisted perversion in and of itself, taking an almost snake like shape, though it is found to be mouthed with sharp bits of metal, crystals, and stone itself to serve as teeth.

Finally then, the beast lets out a cavern filling shriek strong enough to shake the very walls, before falling forward as it 'looks' at the group, with what can only be registered as hostile intent...

Fenris stares at the creature before them. "What are you?" he asks, the question more of a stunned reaction than a real question. "Varl!" he shouts, "Get the fire working!" The liger leaps up to the controls and tries to find a way to activate the lasers. "Puzzler!" he shouts, "This is weirder than even I am used to!" The liger's heart spotted pelt suddenly erupts in a collection of green and purple question marks as he calls on his patron, still scrambling to find a way to activate the mining lasers!

Cassidy nods at Natska and taps her book. "I'm willing to help!" Or she was, til the drill kicks to life and does the work for them! And then it's... Well. That's quite a large creature, innit? "Would you look at that. I wonder if it's hostile. Or friendly." She keeps her hands folded behind her back as her head tilts to the side. "I guess we'll find out."

Natska backs away from the opening as the new threat appears; with a thought her fimbulwinter and the frigid, biting cold snap back to full strength, and the jaguar focuses further on slowing down and stopping the giant lizar in its tracks.

The nurse shark blinks at the giant creature, stepping back away from the machine. She moves to a more open area to engage it and starts weaving her favorite spell, focusing on the runes on her right hand. She then lets forth a blast of fine grained particles everywhere except where her allies are at.

Thelergramor stands stoic at the loud sound, just smirks. "Well, this should be fun." And, seeing how Natska went on the offensive before anyone else did, takes that as a signal that 'I can kill it and noone will bitch at me!' Levels his cannon at it and fires. Recoil, big boom, all that good stuff. And it's a smoke round. "Shit. Knew I should've checked what was loaded..." Along with his basiliskian petrifying gaze being focused on the big... reptile thing.

Surabhi ponders the symbols etched on the wall--this wasn't mere coincidence, there were just too many. This was...lived in, by something either intelligent or divinely-inspired....and large, apparently, as the cavern seems to shake. "Hold! Wait, you bloodthirsty sellswords! Dammit!" she curses as everyone seems to prepare for battle. "This is no mindless gop we're dealin' with here!" she shouts, fiddling about with her soul gems once more in preparation for defense.

A low moan rises from the control center, as Varling rights himself in the flipped machine, rubbing his head. "La-- WHAT IN THE SHADOW'S GRASP IS THAT?!" The Noble skunk almost falling out, but a slight nod is given to Fenris as he tries smashing the buttons once more, the drill turning slowly as the machine gasps for breath as Fenris and Varlin work to try and make it all work, but it turns slowly and without much useage. "Shit shit shit, it must have knocked something loose! You fixed it before do you think you can manage again? I'll continue to try activating it!"

The Beast lets out another shrill call as it's assailed, joints freezing slightly to slow it as Thel shoots a smoke charge into it, knocking a few slime covered scales lose before Cirra's spell blasted into the wound, irratating it. A large foreclaw raising then, as it slaps it's claw against the ground, sending a chunk of stone to knock out Cirra with a lucky shot, before it dived face first at Cassidy, with it's viscious maw opened wide, threatening to swallow the fennec whole!

Fenris doesn't bother to answer, only goes straight to work trying to get the lasers going. "Bury it! Kill it!" he shouts, "This thing can't get out of here!" If the Puzzler says it should stay buried, then it should stay buried. The liger goes over the various panels and controls, carefully aligning things and making sure everything is attached. What could this thing be? A long forgotten beast locked away in here?

"W-Wait, we don't know if it's hostile yet-" Cassidy starts, but stops just as fast as the creatures lashes out- At her no less! "Well. It's hostile now..." And that means the gloves can come off! Not literally. She leaves her gloves on as she leaps backwards from the creature's mouth, bringing her hand up to return the gesture by utilizing her air magic like she had before. A lance of pin-point wind is launched towards the creature's mouth, hoping to catch it right through the back of its mouth.

Natska snarls as the beast lunges for Cassidy; she remains cool, though, falling further into her mathematically-induced casting trance as she starts pulling out more magic. This time, a wickedly sharp spear of ice forms at her gesture, and her winds fling it at an open spot on the creature at high speed.

Thelergramor doesn't need any more motivation to kill this thing. Has it now, though. Both from his buddy Fenris wanting it dead and it attacking his beloved Cassidy. (Regardless of how she feels about that) Starts reloading his cannon after moving a bit back from the big bastard. "Sure, I'll kill it!" Is momentarily distracted by Surabhi, then returns to loading his cannon. Because, as badass as charging it with a guisarme would be... Not happening right now.

"You had the right of it, lass!" Surabhi calls out, before watching a piece of debris knock Cirra unconscious. "Hog's balls!" she bellows, crouching over the fallen shark. She just looked to be unconscious but breathing and otherwise fine, and Surabhi wraps a shield-covered arm around her, dragging her out of the worst of the fray while admonishing the rest of the magic users, "NOW will you look out for yourselves and stay 'hind my shield?"

Cassidy's spell manages to find it's way to the back of the beasts throat, though strangely enough even though it had managed to rip into the unprotected flesh, the beast seemed undetered even as Natska's spear of ice manages to rip it's way into it's side to provoke a shrill sound of annoyance from the beast. It's head turning as it opened it's mouth wide and seemed ready to try and sweep more than one person into it's mouth...

Luckily enough for fenris, his fix manages to work as the loose cable is found and reinserted, causing the machine to kick into full force! The Drill engaging to full speed, as the heavy scorchers around it turn on and project a large conical clurry of laser filled death right at the beasts side! It's left side of scales taking the hit for the most part as they are incinerated, and the flesh below carved into before it manages to jump to it's own safety with a dull thud...

It wastes no time then as it charges at the machine, grabing it from the side as it takes a large bite of the center with it's jaw, just missing Varlin, before it literally rips the machine into two parts, tossing one of the sides, and fenris, apart. Varlin as well is thrown with part of the wreckage, tumbling out as he rises with a pistol to try taking a pot shot at the creatures wounded side. "FUCKING HELL!"

Fenris gasps in pain as he rolls from the wreckage of the machine. So much for burying the thing again THAT way! The liger limps away from the creature, trying to find some cover. Seeing the symbols of various Spirits on the walls, he is struck by a sense of tge mingling of many powers. The feline leans against the wall with a grimace and starts to swap his soul gems again. As he works, he starts muttering the names of those Spirits of the Life and Elemental Courts which he knew, looking at their symbols. "Shaila, Kendrac, Adrestia, Spark, Hephestia, Vasht, Zimla!" he murmurs. Though he can sense Corrupt Court power too, he will not call on them.

Cassidy rubs her chin in thought before slipping back behind Surabhi. "Natska. Let us use the cover while it is presented," she says. "I wonder..." With a grin she employs her magic again, intent on seeing how a suffocating spell works on something that large.

Natska dances back away from the beast as her elemental continues flinging shards of ice from where it has planted itself; she follows Cass to the safer location as she mentally rifles through her arsenal, then switches up her attack, flinging a clinging burst of flames at the beast.

Thelergramor was fortunately paying attention to what round he loaded this time! "Heads up!" And swings around the big cannon to fire on the now repositioned lizard thing. Round fires, used a carpet bombing round this time! Which... may have been a bad idea... "See! Creator tech is useless!" Despite the injuries it caused on the creature... And then moves further from Surabhi and her cover. To either flank the creature or draw its attention.

Surabhi can be heard swearing vigorously as debris bounces off her round shield and the thing continues roaring. "Varlin! Think we oughtta retreat and regroup, before yer damn fool's errand kills us all?" She snorts, glancing to the fallen Fenris. "You! How wounded are you? Crawl over here and I can patch you up a bit!"

~You were set to be detered, the land was set to be against you, and yet through it all, you have undone what we had strove to achieve~ The loud booming mental voice of Kendrac reaching through to Fenris as he called out for assistance, the spirit not manifesting himself as he merely spoke through to the Liger. ~To have stopped you, would have violated our rules, and yet Vasht was correct... To have trusted this to be sealed from mortals, was a mistake. Brace yourselves, for dire times come.~ Just as quick as it had come to Fenris, the voice of the spirit was gone, forbiden by his own rules to interfere directly in their fight.

Varlin wastes no time running back towards Surabhi, firing a second pistol at the beast before rolling behind her shield. "Don't even act as though I planned this! NOTHING should have lived in here but those damned insects! The noble skunk setting to reloading his pistol as he glances between the beast and the cave. "If we run, it'll wipe out the expedition grounds, we -NEED- to kill it!"

Cassidy's spell manages to forcibly rip the air from the beasts lungs for a moment, causing it to convulse as Natska's flames wash over it, before Thelergramor manages an almost ungodly lucky shot! His explosive round ripping into the damaged side after getting just into the flesh, causing a spout of gore to erupt as the beast struggles, and collapses onto the ground... It's organs begining to shlup through it's gouged open side, as it breathes heavily. The wounds from the group, and the scorchers too much for it to continue on fighting as it lets out a shrill sound from it's wounds.

Fenris gasps as Kendrac's harsh communication strikes him. Too much to hope that help would come from that way. "Sprain and some really great bruises," Fenris calls to Surabhi, stopping his chant, "I'll be fine! But that thing can't be allowed to escape!" The feline puts his hand to the cave wall, channeling a steady flow of earth magic as he attempts to bring part of the cave down on the horrible monster's head.

Cassidy furrows her brow as the creature start to fall. She gives a little sigh and a shake of her head. "If there are more where this came from, perhaps we should seal this place. We don't want another coming up after it." She brings her hand up again, finger-gunning at the beast. "Let's at least put it out of its misery." Her purple lightning is fired off towards the thing's open side, hoping to expedite its passing.

Natska nods her head at Cassidy. "Yes. I agree." She focuses her math and then getures, palm out, adding her own bolt of brillint blue-white lightning to Cassidy's assault. "Finish this off and seal the cave again, I wouldn't want anything else like this creeping out to ravage the valley."

Thelergramor grins as the beast is brought down. Removes his mask to properly show his affection for his cannon. In the form of kissing it once in a very appropriate manor. Then pulls the maskhood back onto his head. And just out of idle bloodlust, as clearly, the others would be able to finish it off, the wolf hangs the cannon from its strap, pulls his guisarme into his hand and walks up to the dying creature. Shakes his head at Cassidy and Natska. "What? This wasn't fun for you?" Idly stabs at the creature. "I'd LOVE to fight another."

'Can't be allowed to escape?' Spirit marks everywhere? This....wasn't any ordinary behemoth. A very grave look settles on her normally placid face. "Sod your expedition, did you even look into what you were getting is into, or are all those books in your estate to prop up chairs that don't sit right?" she calks back. "You didn't see the...the LITERAL writing on the wall here?" She huffs mightily as she stands, leaving the gang uncovered for the time being. She approaches what she wagers is the poor creature's neck, machete drawn. It almost sounds like she's murmuring words to comfort it, before striking as hard she can, hoping to land a killing blow,

"Right... Collapse the tunnel, with what exactly? And by all means, PARDON ME for not knowing the lair of -FUCKING- insectoid death that have been dragging off workers and guards, was some sort of prison for a giant beast thing!" Varlin groaning as he stands and cracks his back. "And for the record, this entire place isn't in -ANY- book princess."

To say the beast was put down, would be to put it lightly. No, between the two lightning bolts, machete and guisarme, and finally a rock falling to crush it's head, it was deader than dead. As dead as dead can be all things considered. The group was indeed left with a few moments of eerie silence, as the spot where the beast had crawled through was left open, and the final touches to hopefully seal this area needed to be undertaken.

Fenris staggers over toward the opening, grimacing in pain each time his weight falls on his sprained ankle. He does not bother to explain anything just yet, saving his focus for the earth magic needed to close the opening. After using up what little energy he has left, the liger sinks to the ground. "I think that more than just a cracked wall was broken here," he says, rubbing a hand across his ? marked face.

Cassidy dusts her hands off and turns her eyes towards Varlin. "We cave it in with magic, of course." She reaches up to pat Natska on the back, smiling, then. "It was nice seeing your magic! Good to see how it was coming along. And of course -you- would want to, Thel. You're a blood crazed lunatic, though, so I don't take your words with much weight."

Natska takes a few moment to recenter herself and gather up some of her spent energy, turning a curious look on Surabhi. "It was unexplored. Nobody knew what was going to be in here." She watches for a moment, then shrugs and looks over at Fenris. "Do you need a hand getting out, Fenris? And what, pray tell, do you think is broken?" She pauses. "Your foot? I hope not."

Thelergramor just gestures dismissively at Cassidy. "Shove it, Cassidy. I don't need your fucking judgement." And the wolf is finally done trying to make her love him. Just frowns and stabs into the creature again. With internal emotional turmoil. Mutters things to himself about unnecessary insults; whether or not he actually is a bloodcrazed lunatic means little at the moment... "You alright over there, Fenris?"

Surabhi marches right back over to the group, looking more intimidating than she likely intends, what with the machete dripping blood as she good. "No, You know what? I'm not going to pardon you. Because maybe you should do some damned research instead of hoping the Freeswords will simply mop up any mess you get your fool ass into! And when we get to the bottom of this, YOU c as n take point, and YOU can explain what you thought you were doing." A derisive snort. "Did you even tell the Church about this, or were ya just gonna get good folk killed til you figured it out?" Surabhi's tirade has not left her in good spirits as she throws down her shield and blade, making her way over to the faltering feline. "Sit. Rest a minute. Lemme get a look at that leg," she grouses, harsh but not unkind, as she sets to searching for materials for a makeshift splint.

"I did this for our country, so that -WE- can secure a vital trade route, and get a new item for our -people- to improve their lives! If you want to try and talk to me about a lack of research, I did everything I could! -NO- records have -EVER- exsisted of anything like this! Fault me for trying to wipe out a nest, and a secure a vital item if you want to, but do not insult me as a fool woman." The Noble skunk rising as he brushes himself up, snarling slightly as he turns to walk down the tunnel with his sword drawn. "When you're done treating him, meet me outside and I'll give you your payments for you -work-." The cave surprisingly empty now, as it appears any spiders that would have linger, fled when the beast emerged from the rocks.

Cassidy snorts at Thel. "When you're in public, everything you do is open to judgement by everyone that observes. Get used to it." She sets her hands in her pocket sand nods at Natska. "Shall we, then?" Giving a flick of her tail and turns to make her way for the exit.

Fenris barks a laugh, then grimaces a little. "No, Natska," he says, "My foot is not broken." The feline reaches into a pocket and passes a small length of linen to Surabhi. "If you would just wrap it tightly, young lady," he says with a twinkle in his eye, "I should be able to walk out of here." The liger waits patiently for Surabhi to finish her work. "Something big happened here," he says, sobering, "That was more than a monster stuck in a cave. I think we have a difficult road ahead." Fenris resolves to take this to his patron soon. He needs better answers than, 'Some things should stay buried!'

"A pleasure working with you, Varian," Natska murmurs as she follows Cassidy and the noble skunk out to the surface; her elemental follows along behind her. On the way out she does pause to bathe the spider egg-sacs in flames, then kicks up a breeze to carry the smoke out of the tunnel instead of letting it linger for the group members that might be lagging behind.

Thelergramor pulls his polearm from the dead creature. Shakes his head at Cassidy. "Doesn't mean I -need- it, Captain. Seriously, who pissed in your tea today? Lighten up." Then glances back at Fenris, who seems to be alright. Mumbles something about her being a <expletive deleted> recently. And then heads out.

Surabhi snorts in a sort of 'told you so' fashion at Fenris. "That's what I'm telling that fool Skunk, and he insists it's all for Glory and the Greater Good. Hmph." She continues murmuring to herself bitterly as she tends to him. "I appreciate you calling me young lady, though. And you didn't even laugh, either!" A smirk crosses her broad face for a moment. "Funny, for all they talk about benefittin' the land and all its folk, we'll still have just as many poor and starving folk, and it that Varlin sonofabitch won't be either..."

Soon enough, the entirety of the group is making their way back to the expedition site, no creatures of any kind seen along the way, and upon arrival even the guards talk about the nightly spider attacks stopping short not long ago, before the creatures fled the area. Still, the group is soon paid, and allowed to go back onto their way as the airship goes to take them home after a tiring and troubling day.