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Noonday mass's forum of questions and answers proceeds normally, another day of yeses, nos and the occasional long answer about plans or suggestion of something for the betterment of Sweetwater's plans for the impending ritual of receiving. Towards the end of the mass, a voice rises from the crowd from a disembodied source; "What of the unit that was sent to Mossy Stone?" It calls over the crowd. "A mission one of your own priests called 'suicide'?"

The priest leading today's mass looks over to Selena, squinting as they say "They were sent to mossy stone to perform their duty, to purify it of the foul beasts that dwell there. They were overwhelmed in the course of their duties, their loss is regretable but..." with a rather dismissive tone, as the crowd begins to eye Selena. A couple stands ready in fine looking outfits, the female equine looking aggitated at the delay for her planned lifebonding.

Selena quirks a brow. Having been noticed, she opts to adress the priest directly, an apologetic glance to the equine. "Terribly sorry to hold this up." She notes, continuing her adressal. "One unit. To a place known to be overrun with undead and mind-breaking dark magic. With little more preparation than some armor? I'm sorry for doubting your... Conviction, but I find it difficult to believe anyone could have looked at such a plan and agreed it was a good idea. Letters were sent to the church about it. Let me ask: how many of you have actually been to mossy stone since it fell? Have you seen past the gates to the temple, seen the desecrated catacombs?" The wolfess asks.

The priest shakes his head. "I am needed here, as are many other priests needed at their tasks. Those who reported on mossy stone said it was a desolate, unbearable place of great evil that needed to be purged. They were armed and ready, their conviction true, we sent them with the best we could provide them. They were overwhelmed by the foul evils, but we did believe they could accomplish their goal." he says, as the crowd starts to murmer things about creator forsaken fools and a lack of manners.

Selena laughs quietly at the response, unconcerned with the crowd. "That's strange. Amazing how their 'faith' protected them when they needed it. Interesting how they were not sent with any outside help. Intersting indeed. Perhaps the next time you require martyrdom you might consider looking for a more diverse group. This isn't about my opinion. This is about the families and friends that are left wondering what happened. A little food for thought before I leave you to it: Have you ever heard from other beings like ourselves from other worlds like promise? Or have you considered the other promises the creators made and haven't made good on? Perhaps you should ask with your machines." She smiles, seeming to cease her movement entirely before the animated decoy falls to the floor in a small pile.

The priest looks rather offended, though he tries to hide it and says, "If they failed perhaps it is simply that their faith was lacking!" He looks about to respond further, only to to find the one he is addressing is no longer there, just a facsimile of a being crumpling to the floor. The priest does his best to regain control of the crowd at that point, a general buzz of voices drowning out other sounds in the room, most commenting on how rude the actions of the wolf were and how improper her questions, though a few speak up and ask if she wasn't right, earning the glares of their neighbors. After a few moments the priest regains control of the flow of conversation, though the atmosphere of the room has taken a turn, and it isn't long before the mass ends, and on a slightly more somber and, for some, questioning note.