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A soft rumble, a flick of Flora's tails as she guides Lina and Selena into the courtyard, sitting on the back of her golem. "Flora... Isn't sure how this process works, but then again... Flora isn't the one running the show today, no," she mumbles, gesturing at the fountain. "Flora apologies for the state of the courtyard, but we haven't the funds to renovate properly. Vital rooms first."

Lina follows Flora, looking Selena over as she moves through the sad courtyard. "Maybe I should plant trees... and maybe we could get a ceiling with holes for light to come through but bugs to not, and..." she says as she drones on. "Oh, what are we doing exactly Flora?" she says after she comes out of her thoughts, trying to piece everything together.

The wolfess looks over the fountain, then the courtyard itself afterwards. "I still maintain my position that if your house is so large you need servants to clean it, you don't need it to be so large." She comments, following the cat in. "The process is simple. I call Kendrac, he shows up, you ask him questions, and he... Does whatever he's doing. Sometimes he's a bit cagey about things, but it shouldn't be a problem." She replies almost as though from rote, looking back at the manor proper. "Do you think Sveta will be able to make it?" She asks.

"Friend Sveta has... Other obligations, unfortunately," Flora mumbles with a shake of her head. "However, Flora will relay anything we learn to friend Sveta and the other Longtech members. As for the house... Flora hopes to use it as a house for the main members of LongTech Industries, and once possible, get some housing specifically for the other employees nearby, yes. We'll see, yes yes," she mumbles, before turning to Lina.

"Friend Selena will be summoning a spirit... Flora has been thinking about things, and Flora thinks this might be a possible way to help LongTech Industries expand enough to remain viable for a long period of time."

Another nod to Selena, a mumble. "Flora will have something else to discuss, later, but one thing at a time. Whenever friend Selena is ready, Flora supposes."

Lina nods to Flora and, not entirely sure how to go aboutu approaching this, looks to Selena. "What can I do to help you, Miss Selena?" she says with a smile and a twitch of her tail. "And we can talk whenever you would like Flora, I'm always open for you."

Selena shakes her head. "You should probably be able to stabilize your funding with what you've already developed, Flora. Given some more exposure, anyway." The wolfess suggests. "It's a shame Sveta won't be able to be here though."

Turning to the center of the court proper, she replies to Lina - "Not really. Having a spirit come is as simple as asking for it to be here - and believe me when I say I always feel a bit silly when I do." The wolfess notes. "Kendrac; the beings we talked about are here." She announces into nowhere - and for a good few moments it does indeed seem rather silly - until a black shape slices through the air from nowhere and the strange deer-like being comes into existance, exuding the aura of power that it possesses.

~You have called, and I have answered,~ The spirit emanates, ~These are your friends, then. What is it you require?~

Flora smiles softly and nods. "Flora knows, but... The sooner we have funds, the better. More progress means more funds, means we can get things up and running sooner. Which means the rest of the family has less time to interfere."

Once Kendrac appears, the feline bows politely to Kendrac and flicks her tails, ears twitching atop her head. "Sir... Kendrac, Flora presumes?" she asks once she's standing again, her ears flicking as she gestures her golem to lie down on the ground. "Flora has... Questions. About other spirits. Flora has some big problems, and was hoping there was a spirit that could help, yes," she asks, looking up for permission to continue her talking.

Lina thinks to herself a moment before the summoning comes through. "Well we can't say that a big home is a bad thing right? It may be big now but maybe it will be too small someday?" As the spirit emerges she stares blankly for a few seconds before smiling and waving to Kendrac. "Hi! I'm Lina, It's nice to meet you." she exclaims before shifting in place and listening to Flora and the deer converse."

Selena nods. "I did just say that, Kendrac." The wolfess replies bluntly, prompting the spirit to turn its gaze to her for a few moments as though making a quiet comment of its own.

With Selena's comment aside, Kendrac's attention returns to the cats. ~I know of my kin, but that does not mean there is one of them here that would suit your needs. I did not come here to provide utility, but to take back this land from those spirits of the Corrupt Court~ The spirit replies. It's difficult to discern what the tone of its voice implies, though it's not anger.

Selena just looks back at the deer spirit and sighs. "I know you haven't had the kind of success in finding supplicants your sister had, but do you always have to do that?" She sighs, rubbing her forehead and turning back to Flora and Lina. "You'll have to explain your position to Kendrac yourselves, of course, but I can't help but feel he's disappointed with his comparative lack of followers to Shaila."

perhaps fortunately, the spirit doesn't pay heed to the wolfess's comment - as though used to it by now.

A nod, a small huff. "Flora realizes this, sir... However, Flora is in a... Similar position. Flora is dealing with a type of corruption of her own, and was hoping, as such, that sir Kendrac might be able to tell Flora more about the spirits the beings have not been introduced to yet." She pauses a moment, before continuing anew.

"Flora is dealing with... A wayward part of her family. A part that deals in arms, dangerous substances and other illicit business. They have, already, made an attempt at Flora's life when the chance showed itself," she mumbles, before huffing lightly. "However, Flora does not currently have the means to take care of the problem. What Flora does have is a shown ability to invent things, if given the time... And Flora was hoping there was a spirit that could help her make the discoveries required for greater inventions, so that Flora stands a chance of... Providing a safer world. For the beings now, and for... Flora's eventual children, yes," she mumbles, lingering maybe a little too long on that last sentence.

Lina looks to Flora and then to Kendrac, staying silent for now as she waits to see what comes of the reqeust.

A slight rumble comes from the spirit, ~It would be remiss of me not to recognize corruption of other kinds than that of my kin.~ Kendrac replies after a short pause. ~There is a spirit that you may wish to speak with. I would ask you to find The Spark of discovery.~

The spirit regards the cats again. "However. Do not fall prey to yourself when your trials are throguh."

Selena leans back a little. "And could you summon this spirit here for us now, or will we have to find it ourselves like Wulf had to after you referred her to Adrestia?" She questions, raising an eyebrow.

Flora smiles and nods, offering a bow to Kendrac and flicking her tails lightly. "Flora thanks sir Kendrac, and would like to second friend Selena's question," she mumbles softly, before looking to Lina, then back to Kendrac. "Ideally, Flora wishes to invent, nothing more. Flora doesn't need money, or status, other than what enables greater research. For Flora, the money LongTech Industries hopes to make will simply be used to restore the house and make greater discoveries, yes," she rumbles with a gentle smile.

Lina looks to Flora and says "Maybe we should save some in case... others come along?" as she gives a curious look, unsure what to expect as a reply but trying to offer a little advice. "Thank you very much for helping Flora!" she then says with a bow to Kendrac, smiling and then looking to Selena, then Kendrac. "Will you be staying long enough for some chicken?"

~For now, I would rather see your resolve and dedication to your plight than allow an easy way, and the spirits have an agreement not to interfere with your kind directly. You will have to find them yourself.~ Kendrac replies, the spirit raising their spear and jabbing it into the air next to it, beginning to cut through.

Selena sighs a little, "Well, that's better than nothing. Thank you, Kendrac." She replies simply, the wolfess looking back to Flora. "Sorry if that wasn't what you were expecting."

A mumble, a nod, a smile, her tails flicking behind her. "Flora understands. If Flora were to just be handed a camera, she wouldn't have understood the processes. Flora discovered them herself, and as such, Flora understands the camera and its processes both," she concludes, before smiling towards Selena. "Flora is satisfied, at least for now... And Flora thinks we should discuss some other things over breakfast, yes. Lina? Chicken, some limes and other fruit, and whatever friend Selena wants," she mumbles, before looking to Selena. "Flora would appreciate it if friend Selena stayed... This is... Important to Flora, and it cannot wait. Flora will also request discretion, for... Reasons. Very important that what we discuss does not get out, yes."

Lina looks to Flora and nods, waving to Kendrac. "Okay then bye! Have a nice day." she declares before she turns to Selena and hopes to hear whaht she might be having.

Selena nods, looking somewhat relieved at Flora's comment before Kendrac steps through its rift and leaves. "Well, I'm capable for being discrete. I can stay for a while if you'd like, but I do have to be on my way before too long." She replies, rubbing her cheek. "I'm curious what you've come up with this time. Another improvement for your camera? Or for the pen? Something different entirely?"