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The orphanage is sure alive this early afternoon! A line of beings form at the doors quite a few nobles and merchants, drawn by the hostess' working over of the courts and other advertisments. The smell of a wide veriety of foods coming from the insides, many mouths are left watering as they await entry. Sitting outside Mirana makes sure no one comes in yet, "We have to wait for the children to finish eating first, and for the guests of honor to show up as well, sweeties." she says, a rope across the door to keep people out.

Leian wanders into the orphanage, her tail swaying behind her, flute in hand as she looks about with a soft murr in her throat, ears perked atop her head. She smiles softly to those around her, greeting them softly, and ruffling the head of an occasional child that comes near enough to her to do so, as she heads further in

Sveta arrives at the orphanage, Dio in tow. Or is it the other way around? It's a little hard to tell at first, but it soon becomes clear that the latter is the case, the smaller goshawk doing anything she can to slow down the larger lion in his enthusiasm. "Do restrain yourself, o Lion of Impressive Bulk," she says, her heels dragging on the cobblestones. "The eating hasn't started yet!"

The lion in question would not be stopped, slowed, or ceased by any means. It's questionable if even a bullet or tower shield would stop Dio's warpath. A banquet and orphans? "Come on lass, we gotta be there early to get some o' the good stuff before the others do!" He drags the goshawk along with his large arms, soon arriving at the banquet area in little time at all despite the extra weight. "'ere we 're lass!" Finally, he lets go of Sveta and pats her on the shoulder, looking longingly at the barred door.

Tzerya quite literally skips into the orphanage, her ears wiggling happily as she waves to the matrons, then returns to smiling as she pats several children on the heads. Seeming almost distracted, before turning to see Dio and snickering at the cleaner lion with a smile and his goshawk companion. "Ohh, hmm, wonder how much longer."

Mirana stands once she sees Dio, Sveta, and Leian walking up, giving a wave and nod to Tzerya as well. "Thank you all for coming out here today, in honor of the spirits, the creators, but most of all to help the unfortunate here in the orphanage. I'd like to extend a special thanks to these here, Dio, Sveta, and Leian, for helping me to arrange this, helping to bring in the supplies for it. Can I get a round of appluse please!" She calls out and there is much clapping of hands and claws. Then, a priest from inside comes to the door, "Oh! They are ready? Ok, everyone, it is a charge of 100 crown a head to come in, with the exception of our honored guests!" She says removing the rope and people start to come in, dropping crown in a jar by the door.

Leian murrs softly as she nods to Mirana " I am glad I could help, even if it was not.. Really much I could do.. I will still pay however regardless, as I feel they will need all the coin they can get at any given time regardless, anyway." she pulls at a pouch of coins from her side and places it in the bin

Leian spends 1000 Crown to: To the Orphanage for Banquet + Donation

"If this wasn't for a good cause, for one hundred crown I'd be expecting quite a lot, even if it's an all-you-can-eat. Presumably. But it is for a good cause, so..." Sveta glances at Dio, allowing herself to be dragged around, even if her role as a living ball and chain isn't going to slow him down any, giving the others a weak nod as she's dragged by. "I'm not sure if this is your style, you know. Posh food and all."

Tzerya claps with everyone else before nodding softly at the priest. Reaching into her pouch, she had more than enough to give. Walking up to the bin, she drops a pounch in, which lands with quite a thud. From there the rabbit stands with a sweet smile, waiting for whatever is planned next.

"Oh no, it was nothin' lads... I'm 'appy to help out little ones whenever I can!" While he does enjoy a good crowd and being clapped at, it seems the attention had gotten to the poor lion, causing him to run a hand through his mane in a bit of a flustered style. "Food is food, lass! An' besides..." Dio brings his thumb and index finger over one of Sveta's arms, giving them a light pinch as if he were sizing them up. "Look at ya! Ya could use a little meat on yer bones. If ya didn't have that shield on ya all the time, ya'd practically blow away in the wind. Come on now!" The lion gestures the goshawk to follow in, stopping at the jar and donating something himself despite the promise of free food. He's made donations in the past to the orphanage, and there would certainly be many more to come. "Now let's get startedm" he says, walking his way in and nearly drooling.

Dio spends 1000 Crown to: Donations!

Tzerya spends 20000 Crown for RP reasons.

Sveta spends 1000 Crown to: Matching Dio's Donation.

Inside the orphanage, things have been cleaned up, cleared out, the children dressed in their bests, giving light thank yous, attempts at curtsey and bow, and generally looking a bit uncomfortable. As the jar is competely filled, another replaces it, a good day for the orphange! Tables are set up everywhere, a few large ones in the center to let everyone sit and enjoy, as well as long tables set up all along the sides holding a very wide veriety of foods! Fruits, meats, jerky, nuddles, vegetibles, nearly everything you could imagine set out for people to eat. At the far end are cakes, pies, and a great verity of drinks, juices, teas, milk, water. On the far end is a stage, hastily set up. Mira makes her way over toward it slowly, and it seems everyone is welcome to take what they would like and sit down.

"Maybe that's the idea, being blown away," Sveta says, squirming a little uncomfortably at Dio's touch, but manages to yell out at Leian as she's dragged by. "I take it you're enjoying yourself? In your element, as it were? I know this big lug here certainly is. My biggest worry is that he'll try to eat everything in sight and get sick - sounds impossible, I know, but there's enough food here to be a match for even him. In some ways, he certainly belongs in this place."

Tzerya looking over the spread, she sees quite a bit she can't eat, but also some that works for her. Once she let the children take what they wanted, she picked up a few celery sticks and began to snack on them for the time being. "This is a really nice thing you've done.", she stares to Mira and the others, before turning to a few children, giving them a sweet smile. "

Naturally, with his personality and being an orphan himself, her certainly did belong in this place. "No need to worry about me, lass! I've been waitin' fer this, lemme tell ya." Though he was certainly ecstatic about the food, Dio's attention is first drawn by the children. "Little lads! It's good to see ya again!" His voice, filled with energy and the soothing tone of a gentle tide. "Did ya enjoy yer meal? The adventure we 'ad to get the supplies! I've never seen creatures like it, nearly comin' out of the walls 'n' this big!" The lion stretches out his arms to display the size, as if he were an old man describing his latest catch no one else managed to see.

Leian smirks a bit at Sveta and chuckles " Indeed I am, after all, music and mirth is what I try to best have! It's my best pasttime!" she pulls her flute to her muzzle and begins playing a soft melody, leaving the food alone for the time being as she plays a soft tune to those gathered from the middle of the room, her tail swaying excitedly behind her

Tzerya couldn't help and chuckle at Dio telling stories to the children, then the notes of the flute caught her large wiggling ears as she turned and nodded her head slowly, seeming to enjoy what Leian was playing. Deciding to at least join in the entertainment, she decided to use some quick math and give some visual aid to what Dio was saying

Sveta rolls her eyes, but at least her mood's better now. Seems like there's something to Dio other than food, after all. "Oh, stop bragging, Lion of Tall Tales. They weren't THAT tough...even if you took a flesh would or two. But they were merely just flesh wounds." Words aside, though, she doesn't do anything to stop him, merely stands back and lets him about his business. "You know, if you like the children so much, I'm sure you could pick up one of them, take them out again. You know?"

Mirana carefully gets up on the stage, and gives a very rough curtsey, "Thank you again one and all, and today we have a special treat for you. Michal, Lori, and Dennis would like to all to give a show for everyone." she announces and claps a bit as three children, a hawk, a tiger, and a liger take the stage. After introducing themselves and some encouragement, they all start to sing... relitively badly, but it isn't so bad as to make ears split open. The children around Dio listen intently, as if his every word was the most important thing ever, but most beings take food from the tables and sit down at tables. Mira herself comes waddling up to Sveta, Dio, Leian, and Tzerya, listening to the soft tune, "How is everyone, sweeties?" she asks with a smile.

Leian flicks her tail happily as she continues her tune in time with the children singing, enhancing and improving their song, seems she is apparently doing rather well, considering how she played

"Now now, Bird of Modesty... It was quite the battle, an' you know it!" Dio puts a hand upon Sveta's shoulder and points towards her with his other hand. "Ya should see 'er with that shield of 'ers! It was nearly an entire army of these strange earth diggin' creatures, but she kept deflectin' blows fer us all like they were nothin'!" Taking his hand off Sveta, he stretches out his hands again. "An' while she was protectin' us, she was jabbin' and rippin' apart the monsters like they were butter! But don' worry..." With his arm, he bashes an invisible creature with his elbow with satisfying style. "Seein' an openin', I bashed one over the head with my own shield! I nearly knocked 'em right back into the ground! Oh what an adventure it was..." With his story over, the lion chuckles and looks back at Sveta. "I do enjoy takin' 'em out when I can. Though, sometimes I gotta do some work at the Freesword's 'ere and there. Though, I come 'ere when I can to play 'r help out." As Mira approaches, he gives her a warm smile and a wave. "Goin' good! I'm glad the turnout has been wonderful, despite the disruption at the pass."

Tzerya grinning at the sweet gesture from the children, the rabbit sits quietly not really saying anything until Mira approaches. "Ohh, it's very nice. The children are darling. Such sweet innocent little ones...and the veggies aren't bad either.".

"Flattery will get you nowhere, you know." Acknowledging everyone else with a nod, Sveta rises for a moment and returns momentarily with a large plate of food, which she thrusts before Dio. "Here. Eat. Maybe giving your mouth something else to do besides telling tall tales will be...um...pleasant?" She gives up searching for the right word and turns to Mirana. "How have you been personally, though? I've been caught up in my own work and haven't had time to check in. This is a bit of an event, though."

Mirana nods to Leian, then Tzerya, "Thank you both, and those are imported from Cliffside of all places." she says then over to Dio she shakes her head, "Was it really all that? If so I would have thought you come back with more injuries then that." She says with a smile, and another shake of her head. "I'm doing well enough, been mostly working on my notes with the creator tech." she says. As the children finish, they get much clapping and the banquet continues with story telling by the priests about how the orphanage was founded, and Kilsa herself. Mira takes a seat, "And after this is done, I'd like to take everyone out to talk to Shaila again." she says.

Grinning at the pregnant fox, the rabbit's ears wiggle a bit as she listens, seeming rather interested in anything Mra had to see. Though as the talk soon turned to someone named Shaila, she raised a brow cocked her head to the side, not being the most local of sorts, she wasn't one to recognize names off-hand, still though, she stayed quiet and snacked on the celery.

Leian tilts her head at Mirana slightly, tail twitching behind her as she looks at her, pulling her flute from her muzzle as she considers her " Oh? We'll soon see the spirit again? I will look forward to it." she smiles softly, tail swaying faster behind her a bit " And as for the fight, well.. It wasn't very pleasant for me, as I tried to deter the creatures, but... My music could not calm them..

"Tall tale? It was exactly as described!" Well, perhaps Dio hammed it up a little bit, but it certainly made the story a bit more exciting. The mark of an exciting storyteller perhaps. As the plate crosses his path, he happily grabs it in his hands and looks quite appreciative towards Sveta. "Thank ya lass... Ya know me too well. But..." Picking up a piece of bread from the plate, he breaks it in half and hands the piece over to Sveta. "Ya gotta eat! Perhaps I should make ya plate? I'm thinkin' loads o' meat 'n' bread. Help ya lift that shield a little better." Enjoying the pleasantries of his meal, using nothing but his hands and creating a bit of a mess on his face again, he nods at Mira and smiles. "It was nothin' really. An' what's this about yer spirit? She 'as another pillow I hope?"

Leian tilts her head at Mirana slightly, tail twitching behind her as she looks at her, pulling her flute from her muzzle as she considers her " Oh? We'll soon see the spirit again? I will look forward to it." she smiles softly, tail swaying faster behind her a bit " And as for the fight, well.. It wasn't very pleasant for me, as I tried to deter the creatures, but... My music could not calm them.." She sighs and lowers her head sadly, ears lowering atop her head a bit

Tzerya cocks her head at the tales, "Why, seems you like you guys went through quite a lot of trouble to make this happen...kinda feel like I didn't give enough of a donation now.", she chimes with a nervous chuckle. Looking over at at Leian and the others, "Spirits, really? Well let's see."

"Everyone? Including the children? Well, it will be an experience, and they do need to know that someone out there is watching out for them." Sveta considers her words a moment. "Well, someone more than us who's out there."

"No, thank you," she says to Dio. I'll be fine...I don't need to put on weight. It's not as if I could gain any, even if I tried. Probably has to do with me being what I am and all."

Mirana nods a bit as she ponders getting food herself, and her belly tells her it would be the best of ideas. Taking quite a moment to get up, Mira walks over to the buffet herself and makes up a plate before returning. Sitting back down she munches as she talks, "Yes, I'd like to show all the work you all have done to help me, with Anima, with this here are the orphanage." She says softly, but at the talk of a fight she shakes her head, "You will all have to tell me the real story of what was happening out there sometime." she says, taking a drink of her tea. Shaking her head a moment, she continues, "Not everyone Sveta, just you all." she says with a smile, "Last time I braught Shaila infront of a large group... it didn't go so well." She admits, then shakes her head more at Dio, "She probably will not have another pillow..." The priests continuing telling tails of Kilsa, about her rise to nobility, and the founding of the orphanage. Some clapping for them, and next, an imitation of Kilsa in battle! The actors are quite good, 'Kilsa' swinging around a large warhammer, taking out 10-20-30 bandits at a time!

"Don' be so 'ard on yerself lass," Dio comments at Leian. "Ya can't calm all bloodthirsty beasts with song, else we'd 'ave an entire division devoted to it! I'm not gonna tell ya what to do, but perhaps a weapon to defend yerself with might help a little when things get rough." After hearing Sveta's response, he shrugs and heads over to the table, putting on various foods onto his plate and returning to the goshawk. "'ere, come on now. Just a little bit?" The plate finds itself in front of Sveta, filled with a medley of foods. Bread, celery and other vegetables, jerky, and other meat. "I didn't know what you liked, so..." It would seem he took the guessing approach. With so many options, one of them would have to be right! Right? The lion looks at Sveta, almost with cute little kitten eyes, seeming like he wishes to return the favor. The tales of Kilsa seem to interest the Dio greatly however, listening in with a keen ear. "This Kilsa seems like an interestin' lass. Nobility through actions... A great story." Hearing that another pillow probably won't be granted, he seems to frown a bit, but soon recovers. "Don' need any of that, lass. I'm happy to help out anytime."

Tzerya looks down a bit as Miya talks of taking the other to visist someone, though the little rabbit just gives a shrug and snags a few more veggies to snack on. Mid-way throughout the story of the rabbit begins making quick use her mathemagics, suddenly dirt soldiers in the same of the enemies came into being then were scorched and crushed by the flaming images of Kilsa, falling back to their inert states.

Sveta settles back and watches the show. She's only heard of Kilsa, but the actors seem to be decent enough for what appears to be an amateur show. The silence is shattered, though, as Dio comes back with a heaped plate. "Really, the thought is appreciated, o Lion of Generous Countenance, but I'm not hungry at the moment. I personally don't believe it's a good idea to eat just because one feels like it...besides, however am I going to finish all that much? Don't worry about me, I'll eat when I'm hungry." With that, she passes the plate to a passing orphan, although she does keep a chicken drumstick for herself. "Go on, share with the others," she says, sending the little fellow off with a pat to the head.

Leian bites her lower lip softly as she nods to Mirana " That sounds like it'll be nice. A visit from Shaila, and a chance to talk more with the spirit than last time, would be good. We can all learn from the spirit with fewer interruptions that way."

Mirana continues to eat on her plate of food and nods a bit, the orphans greatful for the sharing birdy! The giggles and talk among themselves, as the act gets all the better with the help of Tzerya! Listening carefully, Mira nods and sighs a moment, "So creatures of some kind caused it... and you had to put them down, it sounds.." she says a bit solumly. She shakes her head once more, "Thank you Tzerya for helping out here, the children seem to be loving it, as do the guests." Indeed everyone seems to be watching the show. Much more clapping at the end, then, it seems that the entertainment is done, but the food still about and many enjoying it. Mira gets up, "Please, if you are all ready, I will make preperations to go into the forest, I think Shaila would be happy to know all that is going on." she says smiling, then heads into a back room.

Tzerya smiling at the children as they seem to enjoy her show, she turned to Mira with a nod, "I'm just glad I could be of some entertainment, wish I could have help more...but at least that donation should help a bit more.". Returning to the childre, she spends several more minutes creating butterflys and other small animals from the elements, namely at their choosing and behest. Eventually once she seems a bit worn out, she takes her seat and begins to gnow on a carrot, cliche as it may be.

"I suppose I can understand Bird of Conservative Eatin'," Dio says, taking a seat next to Sveta. "But it is a celebration after all! Ya can loosen up a tiny bit, couldn't ya?" Seeing the plate get passed along, Dio smiles rather widely, quite satisfied with her course of action. Though, he simply leans back and gives her an appreciative look, choosing to stay silent for the moment and enjoy the show. "As much as I'd love to devour everythin' on that table, maybe me pullin' will leave some leftovers fer the children to enjoy." Dio eating... Modestly? Surely this must be a dream? At least to assure one's ground to reality, he does at least have quite a few crumbs and bits stuck to the fur on his face. "Well, I suppose I'm ready to head out into the forest," he says, stretching towards the sky and standing out of his chair.

Sveta nods and settles back, carefully picking the chicken clean to the bone as Mirana departs. "Please do, Lady Solacious. It will be good to meet the spirits again, especially since the whole talk over their initial appearance has died down somewhat. Things appear to be well-managed here, so leaving isn't a problem." She frowns at the sight of Dio, though. "All the more I should be careful if it's a celebration, to be honest. And look at you - if only I'd a warm towel..."

Tzerya not wanting to seem stupid about the spirit, the rabbit kept her mouth shut and simple decides follow along, mostly out of curiousity as her ears wiggle a bit, even her tail giving a small little wag.

After a few minutes, a new person enters the orhanage, the door cracking open quietly as the big red wolfess enters the building, smiling upon seeing quite a few folks that she knows. She advances on them, giving a coo, "Hello everyone."

Mirana comes back out in what could only be discribed as battle gear. Chain mail, a spear, a pistol, and a small pack of other suplies. "Can never be too careful sweeties." she says and notices Kia has joined in the marriment! She gives a wave and a smile to her cousin. "Well, if we are all ready to go." she says, heading for the door. Once there she nods to a cart driver, preparing to get everything underway, before ducking back in to wait for everyone once more.

Tzerya nods at Miya, making a few adjustments herself as she figures, better safe and sorry. "Well, if I'm invited to go, then I'm ready.". Her ears wiggling, as she slings a bow over her shoulder with a small sigh.

"Me? What's on me? Where?" Dio begins looking around himself, his legs, torso, and finally his hands. "Ahh, yer right lass. Thank ya." Still ignorant of the mess upon his facefur, the lion notices a bit of grease and crumbs stuck to his hands, easily solved by wiping them on the back of his new pants. "There we are! As good as new. I suppose we should get goin'." Dio stretches out his hand before Sveta, looking as if he were to help the goshawk to her feet should she take the offer. "'ello again lasses," he says, waving to the large wolf and Mira upon her return. After the request, should she accept or not, the lion heads for the cart and hops aboard.

Leian takes her fill of the food and heads up to Mirana, tail swaying behind her as she nods " Well, I cannot be any more ready, myself, considering I only carry my flute with me. But, as usual, I will try to use my music to tame any beasts that may bother us."

Sveta carefully looks between Dio and the newly greasy spot on his pants, and does her best to gently refuse the offer. If this went on, another bath would be in order soon... "Well, we should be off. As I said, the children here are in good hands." With that, Sveta climbs in after everyone else.

Tzerya nods at Mira, making a few adjustments herself as she figures, better safe and sorry. "Well, if I'm invited to go, then I'm ready.". Her ears wiggling, as she slings a bow over her shoulder with a small sigh, waiting a few moments since no one tells her no, she hops in with the others and waits to leave.

Tzerya nods at Mira, making a few adjustments herself as she figures, better safe and sorry. "Well, if I'm invited to go, then I'm ready.". Her ears wiggling, as she slings a bow over her shoulder with a small sigh, waiting a few moments since no one tells her no, she hops in with the others and waits to leave.

Tzerya nods at Mira, making a few adjustments herself as she figures, better safe and sorry. "Well, if I'm invited to go, then I'm ready.". Her ears wiggling, as she slings a bow over her shoulder with a small sigh, waiting a few moments since no one tells her no, she hops in with the others and waits to leave.

Kialla smiles to everyone, she gives a nod to Mira, "Hello Cousin, Sveta, Dio." she offers, giving a not to Tzerya as she pads in closer to a comfortable conversation distance. "What's going on?" she asks with a curious tone.

Mirana climbs up into the cart herself and nods to Kia, "We are going out in the forest, I'm going to see if Shiala would like to talk to you all." she says and waits there for a moment to let Kia jump in. She looks around, "Everyone, comfortable with this yes?" she asks.

With everyone in and the group ready to go, the cart driver gets things underway. On the trip Mira stays mostly quiet, wondering if this is a good idea, "Everyone is welcome to come along, but, remember spirits tend to do better with focus, so don't crowd her." she says and then to Sveta, "WHat is it you will be wondering or wanting to ask? Maybe I could answer instead, sweetie?" she asks, next Leian, "And, she said she will take you in with her, though I wonder what exactly she will do....." she says.

Leian tilts her head to Mirana curiously at her words and smiles softly " She will? That is lovely news. Though how do you mean by that? What does she usually do?" she tilts her head confusedly

"I don't really have any particular questions, Lady Solacious," Sveta replies, leaning back to enjoy the ride. "I'm just here to observe and get things all down on paper, as they are."

Tzerya blinks a few times, feeling rather stupid, "I don't have anything to ask...I can't think of any thing.". Her ears drooping she sighs a bit before enjoying the ride as they go along.

Dio leans back and places both hands behind his bushy mane, enjoying the somewhat quiet ride and even closing his eyes a bit. Not truely having any business with the spirit, he didn't have much to add or even ask the floatin' spirit of maternity, so he simply stayed quiet for the travel.

Kialla coos... leaning onto tue side of the wagon as she murrs. "I think... thkz will be a rather interesting amd thouggtcul ttip." she gives as she looks around as we ride to our destination

The trip is a quiet one, and soon they are all in a clearing in the forest. The cart parked a ways back to keep things from seeming too overwhelming, Mira waits in the center for everyone to join her. She rubs on the ear ring a moment again, before calling out "Shailla, your daughter wishes to talk with you again."

A very wet sounding rip in the air beside Mira, and out strides Shaila, currently looking quite male. (You have called and I have come, what is it you need?) He asks, wrapping Mira in his tails before looking about the clearing.

Tzerya looked completely shocked, while she had seen things appear at command, this was a new type for her. While she wanted to mumble something, all that came out where small nervous sounds.

Leian looks up at the sound, ears twitching atop her head as she follows it to Mira, looking up at Shaila with a soft twitch of her tail, then to Mirana again as she edges slowly closer, nervous once again about meeting the spirit

Perhaps the trip was a bit too quiet. With his eyes closed and having found a comfortable spot, Dio began to wobble slightly. His breathing became deeper and deeper until finally... A snore. A deep, earth-shattering snore bellows from his wide chest as he soon finds himself falling to his side on the cart, and hopefully not on anyone. A full belly and a relaxing ride makes quite the formula for sleep.

Kialla blinks... giving a subtle gasp as she turns to look at the appearing spirit. "Thats... I've never seen amything like fhat." she gives while looking on in awe. "Incredible." is all she says next

Mirana giggles a bit as she is coiled up in the creature's tails giving a tight hug to them "Shaila, these are some of my fellow beings who have been helping me with the Undead and the children of the orphanage." she says gesturing around to everyone. "I thought you'd like to know that the children of Promise are being well cared for, taught, and braught up with the assistance of these, and I couldn't have done all I have." she says.

The spirit looks a bit nervous himself seeing everyone looking at him like that, but settles a bit, pointing out Leian (I remember you, you were the one at the orphanage playing for the cute little children before their trip.) He moves a bit, a few of his tails wraping to Leian, (You mentioned wanting to take my pact?) He asks.

Tzerya still seeming a bit awestruck by the sight of the spirit, she calmly watches, her ears perked as she oddly doesn't even seem to blink. Eventually a mumbled, "wow", escapes her lips.

Sveta says nothing, instead electing to stick close to the resting Dio. The goshawk pulls out a nub of charcoal and several folded sheets of paper, and begins recording the ongoings in neat handwriting.

Leian blinks at the sudden tail wrapings, her ears turning red inside a bit, before she nods to the spirit " I.. Yes, I am that very one... And yes.. I did. I want to follow with you, to protect children and families.. I want my own pups and family one day.. And with little or no risk of having one stillborn like my brother had been."

Kialla smiles a bit at the giggling Mira. it puts her at ease as she leans in some, rather uncharactorically wrapping her adks around her knees as she listenz.

Tzerya continuing to blink, begins to understand a bit better and losing all her fear towards the spirit which had slightly unnerved her at first. As she stared longer, she simply stares at it's form and smiled happily, while listening to Leian.

Mirana smiles a bit more widely as Shaila remembers Leian, and walks away from the tails to sit next to Kia, "Watch, this will be fun." she says, the rounded Vixen taking a moment to get down. The snoring from Dio does not go unnoticed though and she just shakes her head, and watches. She waves to Tzerya, trying to get her to come over to her and the wolfess she sits next to, then over to Sveta as well.

Leian is coiled up in tails a bit more, ( I bid you to keep your people safe, You will serve me, but my needs are simple and kind. Oppose my lost kin and his foul undeath, shelter the young and those who take on the mantle of parent. Open your heart to family and be fruitful. Is this something you can do for me? ) The spirit asks, everyone able to hear her words.

Tzerya snickers softly as she noticed Mira's gesture and follows after her, though her attention keeps turning to spirit, it sounded like a nice deal Leian was taking part in. Looking to Mira, she had wondered what was going to be 'fun'?

Leian closes her eyes softly, murring in the embrace of the tails, wrapping her arms around Shaila softly " Yes. I will do this. I will protect the families... I will, one day, have a fruitful family of my own.. I will fight to stop the lost ones from spreading to the others. I shall do my best to keep them safe and happy.."

Kialla murrs. she slixeses her arma Riund mifa as she observes.